Regulating blood sugar levels can help curb cravings and lower risk of diabetes. Plus, it will boost energy levels and eliminate fatigue. But before I show you the best herbs for lowering blood sugar, you have to avoid sugary and junk food to prevent blood sugar spikes.

Here are herbs you can use to lower blood sugar.

1. Cinnamon: Research shows that cinnamon can regulate blood sugar levels. It has antihyperglycaemic properties which allow it to reduce blood sugar levels. It also promotes insulin sensitivity therefore allowing cells to use glucose properly.

2. Bitter lemon: This herb is native to southern China. And it can lower glucose levels because it improves digestion of carbohydrates. If used regularly bitter lemon can also fix insulin resistance.

3. Chili powder: One study found that chili can increase insulin secretion by up to 24 percent. And this will make it easier to regulate blood sugar.

4. Rosemary: A study found that rosemary was as effective at artificial drugs that fight diabetes. This herb is even more effective when it’s fresh.

5. Ginseng: For one, this herb keeps cells that produce insulin healthy. It also limits the tri-carboxylic acid cycle, and as a result promoting insulin release. All these effects help lower blood sugar.

6. Garlic: Garlic is rich in compounds that expand blood vessels. And this helps lower blood pressure. These compounds also help regulate blood sugar levels and control cholesterol. Note that heat can weaken these compounds, so add garlic 5 minutes before you finish cooking.

7. Parsley: An animal study found that this herb can lower blood glucose levels and improve liver function. Note that it took a month for these benefits to be experienced. Feel free to add parsley to smoothies, soups and salads.

8. Turmeric: Curcumin promotes proper use of glucose by cells. In fact, one study showed that curcumin can lower risk of diabetes for people with prediabetes. Add turmeric to dishes or use turmeric supplement.

9. Neem: Neem leaf extract can lower blood glucose and improve insulin sensitivity. It also improves circulation and reduces blood pressure.

10. Fenugreek: Fenugreek seeds or leaves can help regulate blood sugar levels. Not only that, this herb can also boost your metabolism.