Stretching can be done anytime, and anywhere. While some think of stretching as purely an exercise warm up, it can have much greater benefits. Health buffs have long known that stretching is a must for everyday health, and now even those who rarely workout are taking advantage of these easy moves to benefit their health. Below are ten benefits of daily stretching that can make every aspect of your life better.

Brings Optimism


Daily stretching can help even the saddest clown turn his frown upside down. Studies have shown that daily stretching can help improve a poor attitude and relieve stress. Stretching before bed can also help those who have restless sleep sleep better, helping create a better mood for the next day.

Stand Straighter


Daily stretching can help improve posture. Stretching helps balance posture by moving muscles back into their intended position. This is a big benefit to those who are on their feet all day – as well as those who sit all day at a desk.

Be Bendy

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Daily stretching can help you become flexible. Stretching muscles can bring flexibility, which can help those who train often, or those who fear issues later in life.

Increases Stamina


Daily stretching loosens muscles, and therefore increases blood flow. Increased blood flow equates to increased stamina. This benefits everyone, because who doesn’t want more energy?

Lessens Risk of Injury


Stretching is something that most every athlete does to help prevent injury. Even those who do not play a sport need to stretch daily, because even the slightest movement can result in an injury if you are not careful. There are multiple stories of people climbing stairs and pulling a hamstring, or tearing a ligament behind their knee. Simple stretching can help prevent these issues.

Be Energetic


Stamina is great, and so is energy. Stamina equates to performing a duty without feeling tired, while energy allows you to stay awake and alert through the duty. It doesn’t take a lot of stretching to get your blood flowing, and little time can be taken in the morning to perform stretches.

Promote Blood Circulation


Increased blood flow means better blood circulation. This is important not only for those in poor health, but also those in good health. Increased blood circulation brings better healing abilities to those who have injuries.

Improve Athletic Performance


Regular stretching helps loosen your muscles, so not only are they at less risk of injury, but they can help you exercise longer from not becoming tire or constricted.

Reduced Soreness


Daily stretching can also help you reduce soreness after exercising or an injury. Be sure that if you have been injured that you clear your stretching routine with your physician, to clear risk of increased injury.

Reduced Cholesterol


Daily stretching has also been found to benefit those with high cholesterol. Those who stretched daily had, on average, a lower cholesterol rate. This could be because stretching often leads to exercise, but regardless daily stretching is a great benefit to your health.