Do you need to ease neck muscle pain? Neck pain can not only be annoying, it can also be debilitating. Some types of neck pain can leave you with a twinge of tightness while other types of neck pain can leave you unable to rotate your neck. As a cyclist, the ability to turn your neck to watch for traffic and to make turns on busy streets, is a major aspect of safe cycling. If you have serious neck pain issues, you will be left sidelined or putting yourself at risk of further injury due to an accident.

What can you do to get yourself back out on the road? There are several ways to relieve muscle pain. We’ll spend the next few moments discussing some options that must be tried to stop trigger point pain. The topics that will be covered include: pressure point massage, reduce inflammation, review improper posture issues, and get moving to work the tightness out of your muscles.

Pressure Point Massage

With a tight neck, it is likely that you can feel the balled muscle, trigger points, in the area where you feel the pain. A trigger point is a tight knot of muscle fiber that won’t relax. To relax the muscles, you need to work out the tight muscle fibers through pressure point massage. If you don’t have anything else, your thumb will work. Take your thumb and rub in circles around the tight muscle fibers to loosen them up. Add the most pressure to the tightest portion of the muscle and then work outward to loosen the muscles further from the center. After massaging your tight muscles, drink plenty of water to eliminate any toxins that are released from the muscles.

Reduce Inflammation

Another way to ease neck muscle pain is by reducing the inflammation in your neck. To relieve the inflammation that is causing your neck pain there are several natural remedies that you can use. Regarding foods, you can eat the following food sources as anti-inflammatories: avocados, salmon, ginger, and turmeric. There are other natural anti-inflammatories that can help you relieve neck pain and get back to cycling. Those remedies include Omega 3 and Evening Primrose. Other natural ways that you can reduce inflammation include getting sufficient rest, avoiding smoking, reducing alcohol intake, and getting regular exercise.

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Improve Posture Issues

When you find yourself plagued with neck pain that is unusual, it is important to analyze what you might have done differently to cause the muscle pain to develop. Have you spent too much time huddled over your laptop late at night? Did you move the saddle on your bicycle to a different position? Have you been overcompensating for a leg injury while walking which has resulted in your sore neck? Once you identify any posture issues, you need to adjust how you are doing the activity to ensure the problem doesn’t continue to repeat itself and ease neck muscle pain.

Get Moving

The last way to ease neck muscle pain is through exercise. You need to get moving. Stretching and exercising your neck, shoulders, and back is important for getting you back to your regular self. Several times throughout the day, you need to stretch, rotate, and relieve the discomfort in your neck.

In Conclusion

It is important to ease neck muscle pain to get back to cycling. You need to work out the tight muscle, reduce inflammation, improve your posture so that future tightness doesn’t develop, and stretch those muscles. Here’s to getting back to getting back to cycling!