Are you a big fan of group cycling? Many people are. Group cycling is fun and motivating. Not only do you have someone else, or several others, to talk to you, you also have built-in accountability partners. If you have a tendency not to push yourself, having accountability partners is a great way to stay focused and achieve your training goals. However, there are times that riding with a group can be challenging and frustrating. What are some reasons to cycle alone?

     There are several reasons to cycle on your own. Let’s go over a few of them.


Cycle on Your Own

There are several reasons to cycle on your own. Let’s go over a few of them.


       No Waiting


When cycling with a group, you must wait to get started. Just because you’re ready, doesn’t mean the rest of the group is ready. Likely, not all of them have even shown up. There is only so many times you can check the pressure on your bicycle tires, check the chain, and scroll through Facebook before you lose motivation to go cycling at all.


Are you meeting up with someone in the middle of the cycling route? That isn’t any better. Either you’re waiting for the person to show up or you’re late. Either way, someone is irritated.


Go Where You Want


When you’re riding with a group, you must go the route the leader has established. Unless, you’re the lead or the weekly leader, depending on how your cycling group operates. You don’t get to go the route you want. Love hills? The leader doesn’t? Too bad. You’re not going on the hills. Do you hate corners? The leader loves the challenge of sharp curves? You’re doing corners. However, when you cycle on your own, you get to dictate the route, destination, and distance.




Cycling with a group presents problems for breaks. You either get stuck taking too many breaks that you don’t feel that you received enough exercise, or you’re huffing and puffing at the back of the pack. Either way, the entire thing feels frustrating. When you go it alone, you can take as few or as many breaks as you wish.




Some days you enjoy being in a group and find the distractions rewarding. Other times, you need to be alone. Cycling in solitude gives you time to unwind and focus on your thoughts. You also can stop and enjoy nature when cycling alone.


Training Plan


Bicycling in a group, you can’t train for your personal goals. You will be cycling with the group goals. When cycling alone, you can reach the training measures that will help you advance your skills.

In conclusion


Cycling in a group can be a great way to develop comradery and stay motivated. On the other hand, cycling in a group can also present issues. By cling alone, you can make decisions for what is best for your cycling needs.