There’s an app for everything. As a cyclist, you should consider the benefits of downloading some apps to assist with your riding experience. There are numerous ways that apps can improve and monitor your cycling habits. If you need an app for designing a new route, you can find one that will help you plan out your course. Maybe, you need an app for performance enhancement there’s an app available for that as well. Don’t forget an app to monitor your food intake. While there are hundreds of options you can discover to assist you, we’ll review five of the best apps for bicyclists.

Google Map

Yes, it is a little obvious, but Google Maps is still a great choice. If you are in a large city or in an unfamiliar territory, it is imperative to have a map app on your smartphone. You must be able to map your route, determine your cycling time and distance, and evaluate an appropriate route to return based upon your available distance allowance and the time it will take you to get back to your destination.

closeup of a young man using a smartphone mounted in the handlebar of a bicycle

My Fitness Pal

Another app that you need on your smartphone as a cyclist is My Fitness Pal. Monitoring your food intake, types of food choices, and hydration is essential for optimal health and rejuvenation after a bicycle ride. With My Fitness Pal, you can also record your cycling and other exercise activities throughout the day.

Cyclemeter GPS

With Cyclemeter GPS, you can monitor speed, distance, elevation, and time spent on your ride. In addition, Cyclemeter GPS integrates with Google Maps, so you don’t have any extra work to incorporate the two apps together. Another option with this app is the ability to analyze your cycling data compete with graphs and reports of your previous and current rides.


Strava not only tracks data and performance statistics, you can also join challenges and post results on social media. Another feature with Strava is the ability to share photos from your rides and follow your friends on their rides.


Is the weather bad? Don’t skip your cycling. Get CycleOps for indoor cycling training. With CycleOps, you get real routes with real videos to get the best experience from locations around the globe. When you can’t get outside due to the cold, extreme heat, or snow and ice, having a stationary bike on hand to get exercise is a necessity. It is a great option for keeping your endurance instead of staring at the walls waiting for spring to arrive.

In Conclusion

There are numerous apps available for every option under the sun. If you can think it, there is probably an app for it. However, as a cyclist, there are several quality options for you to choose from. The most important feature that you need is a map and tracking device. You need to know where you are, how to get back from where you are and track the details of your ride to monitor and enhance performance.