As someone who has struggled – and lost a lot of weight – there are things that you need to expect. Not just that your clothing fits better or your face is thinner, but unexpected things. These things can cause some to panic, and other to rejoice. However, there are things that you need to know before you start your journey, because this isn’t just a journey about losing weight, but of overall health and obtaining your best self.


1:  You will not change. Yes, your outside appearance will change, but your inside elements will not. If you are an unhappy person, losing weight will usually not improve that. If you are anxiety-ridden, losing weight will not usually help this, either. You are who you are, so to speak, whether you are plus-sized or wearing a junior’s size.


2:  Loose skin will probably be there. If you loose a good amount of weight, you will have loose skin. While this can be fixed via surgery, it is expensive and can limit your life for a few months. Loose skin can be disguised with clothing and undergarments, but one issue with loose skin isn’t vanity-related, but health-related. Those with massive amounts of loose skin can have skin issues, thanks to folds and bacteria and sweating. Yes, this is a horrific image, but it happens. Be sure to consult your physician is you have any skin issues related to loose skin, as it can end with an infection – and no one wants that.

3:  You may get cold. Personally speaking, I always hot-natured. I wore a tank top in December inside. The cold didn’t bother me. After 50 lbs. were lost, I was cold. I love sweaters now, but it took me a few weeks of wondering if I were ill to realize that it was a loss of fat (aka insulation) that left me feeling cold. So, for those hot-natured gals and guys, invest in some nice winter wear.


4:  You’ll still feel fat. Body image is something that sticks in your mind – and it may take a while to realize that you have lost weight. This is why there are millions of weight loss progress pictures online. It helps you to visualize your own weight loss. So, if you are losing weight and not taking pictures every week or month, start doing so.


5:  Your feet may shrink. Many who lose a large amount of weight find that they need a smaller-sized shoe. Like clothing, shoes may get smaller with weight loss. Fat can be found everywhere, and feet are not exempt.

6:  Guys, you may need a smaller hat, too. Like feet, heads may shrink. Well, not your head per se, but rather your scalp. Everyone’s scalp has some amount of fat, and weight loss can shrink this away. It can leave a hat loose – and for some who lose large amounts of weight – it can leave you shorter.


7:  Your meds will need adjusting. Whether you take heart medication, birth control, or depression medication, your dosage may need to be adjusted with your weight loss. Be sure to discuss this with your physician.


8:  Your relationships may change – for the worse. Yes, true friends will always be there, but sometimes friendships and relationships falter with weight loss. Studies have shown that if one partner loses weight and the other doesn’t, that relationship often fails While this is disheartening, this should not deter you from losing weight.

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9:  People will be food pushers. While most are well meaning, many friends and family become food pushers. This is irritating, and for whatever reason the food they insist on you eating is not on your diet plan, or has too many Weight Watchers Smart Points. Be kind when telling someone no, because they usually are not meaning harm. It takes a lot of willpower to say no, but it is well worth it in your journey.

A weight loss journey is not easy. While you may focus on the outcome of a smaller body, many issues come along with that smaller frame. Above is just a sampling of issues that may come from losing weight, but they should not deter you from your quest. It takes a lot of willpower and commitment to lose weight – even if it is five pounds – and you should be proud of your journey, regardless of how big or small your weight loss.