The outdoors can be fun for kids and adults alike, but sometimes the activities can have limited age attractions. Whitewater rafting can be fun for teens and adult, but small children are left out. Petting zoos are fun for smaller children, but teens and adults are left out. There is a fine balance between fun and togetherness many find, but there are activities that your whole family can enjoy this summer.

Camping is an old-fashioned family activity. While some may frown at the thought of sleeping outside or eating sub-par food, many aspects to camping have evolved. Sleeping bags and improved, as have tents. While classic tents are available at big box store, companies like “Reliable Tent” are making their mark on the “glamping” trend of glam-camping. Are these tents cheap? Nope, but they can make a camping trip seem more luxe than not. Or, you can look for a yurt at a park. Many national parks offer this service, and the rental fees are typically less than $50 per night. As for the food aspect, there are many recipe sites that feature camping food for those who have a haute palate. Your kids can enjoy the outdoors, and those who are not outdoor-friendly can enjoy the comforts of home in an enclosed environment.

Hiking is something that is typically free, sans the footwear, backpacks, and park entrance fees (if they apply). Everyone can enjoy hiking. From the scenery to the learning opportunities for everyone involved, a hike is not only a good bonding experience, but it also provides exercise and a good educational opportunity. The National Park Service offers maps, information about the parks and special events on their website

Every locale seems to have its own summertime outdoor fun for kids and families. In Savannah, Georgia, the Oatisland Wildlife Center offers daily outdoor educational adventures, featuring everything from common farm animals, to bisons and bald eagles, and even a gray wolf enclosure New York City features walking tours in many neighborhoods in Manhattan, and borough tours of Brooklyn and Queens. These tours encompass everything from food to history, so there is something for everyone. These tour can last from two hours to six hours, so plan accordingly


For perhaps the cheapest outdoor activity, hit the beach. Those living near a beach or lake can usually just pay to park, making this a very affordable option. Being on the beach isn’t just about lying in the sun or jumping saves at shore. Most beaches and lakes have fishing excursions, parasailing, jet ski rentals, and horseback riding. Some even feature beach fitness classes. The beach truly offers something for everyone, making it the best outdoor activity for families in the minds of many.

Outdoor activities for families range from the crazy-expensive to free. The choice is up to you and what your family prefers. While some love the fresh-air vibe of hiking, others are more comfortable touring their own neighborhoods. From the quick food tours, to week-long trips to the beach, there is something for everyone when it comes to planning summertime outdoor fun for you and your family.