Could your cycling benefit from yoga? Before you state that cycling is all the exercise you need, read on. Many cyclists are finding that yoga is a good complement to their cycling training. As a cyclist, you want to be in the best physical shape that you can be. What exactly is yoga? Yoga is a system of body postures that promote physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, yoga includes breathing techniques and in many instances, includes meditation.

Cycling Benefit from Yoga

So, how could you benefit from yoga as a cyclist? There are many reasons that you could benefit from yoga. The following are only a few areas in which you could use yoga to up your cycling training.


The stretching and poses that are the focal point of yoga can help strengthen your body. Through flexibility, you can see an increase in your overall performance as a cyclist. In addition, increased flexibility can reduce your risk of injury and reduce muscle pain and injury from cycling. Who hasn’t heard of the benefits of stretching before and after exercise? Yoga is a great way to incorporate that stretching into your cycling routine.

Mental Focus

Yoga improves mental focus. By learning to reduce distractions and stay focused on an object, you can train your brain to see more clearly. This does not mean that your eyesight is improved. It means that you can block out sounds and sights that distract you from what you are supposed to be paying attention to. Obviously improving your focus while cycling can be a great benefit.

Overall Well-Being

By actively participating in yoga, you can improve both your physical well-being, but your mental well-being as well. With yoga you can not only focus on strength and flexibility, you can address your emotional self as well. Whether you are a cyclist or not, having an improved mental well-being is a benefit for anyone.

In Conclusion

In summary, what how can your cycling benefit from yoga? By incorporating yoga into your cycling training, you can see an increase in flexibility, reduction in injury, and reduced soreness. In addition, you can also improve your mental focus and overall well-being. Why not give yoga a try?