Biking in the Bahamas is easy: The weather is beautiful, the terrain is smooth, and there are great options when you need to stop for a cold drink. Biking in the Bahamas is also a wonderful way to make sure you see everything there is to see on the islands.

Rental bikes are available almost anywhere in the Bahamas for you to explore paradise at your own pace. However, expert-guided tours are a visitor favorite, and these options will take you to secluded beaches and hidden trails:


In Nassau, track down Carolyn Wardle at Bahamas Outdoors. This nature-loving children’s book editor will take you on the bike ride of your life, deep into the natural beauty of the island she’s called home since the mid-1960s. And with Wardle, you can bike through the Bahamas and do some birding while you’re at it.

After being outfitted with an off-road bicycle and helmet, you pull on a light pack of refreshments, a field guide, and binoculars, and pedal with Wardle through forests and along the edges of ponds and marshes, learning about the local flora and fauna as you go. The terrain is generally pretty even and easy to handle, and you get to ride on some residential streets, too.

New Providence

On the nature tour of New Providence, you find yourself surrounded by butterflies and fragrant tropical flowers in the Botanical Gardens. This is another tour offered by Wardle, who pulls off the trail every now and again to point out a gorgeous, marbled white peacock butterfly or the pleasant-smelling little sweetwood tree, whose bark has been used in folk medicine for centuries. Suddenly, her voice drops to a whisper to point out a black-whiskered vireo (a cute little bird with a mustache) less than 20 feet away.

Grand Bahama

On Grand Bahama, your cycling experience begins with a hotel pickup. Once you meet up with your bike, embark on a guided tour of Freeport, weaving through the canal systems of Lucaya with occasional stops so that your guide can share little tidbits of local gossip or historical lore. You eat your lunch under fig trees, among the waterfalls in the Garden of the Groves and then ride into the afternoon, ending the day with a cocktail and a dip in the crystal-clear ocean at the private Junkanoo Beach Club.

…and Beyond

Or explore the Western tip of the island on a leisurely, two-hour journey through the oldest city on Grand Bahama. Pause at an old rum-running outpost leftover from the Prohibition era and take a few photographs before riding out to the shoreline. Here, kick down your kickstand and spend the final part of your journey snorkeling around the coral reefs that ring the white-sand beaches of Paradise Cove.

It’s a great way to cool down after the ride, and if you jog a little while on your way back to your beach towel, you can truthfully say that you did a triathlon in the Bahamas.