Bicycle Riding: Lower Your Risk of Lower Back Pain

Bicycle Riding: Lower Your Risk of Lower Back Pain


How can you avoid lower back pain as a cyclist? While cycling is a great aerobic exercise with limited joint pressure, it can still be hard on your back. If you are new to cycling, you need to focus on getting the right bicycle to help avoid chronic back issues in the future. However, if you are an avid cyclist you need to consider if you have the wrong bicycle and analyze your posture. There are other factors to consider helping avoid lower back pain as well.

To avoid lower back pain, you need to consider several factors. Let’s explore some of the many ways in which you can minimize your risk for lower back strain and pain.

Core Strength

One of the most important factors to help avoid lower back pain while cycling is to have strong core muscles. Your core needs to be strengthened before you begin cycling to handle the riding position for long periods of time. How can you strengthen your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen? You can do bridge exercise, sit on an exercise ball, and do planks.


Another way to help reduce the risk of lower back pain includes flexibility. In addition to having back strength, your back also needs to be flexible. You need to add stretching to make your back more flexible. A flexible back will help you endure the postures cyclists must use while cycling. In addition, you can use yoga to help prepare your body for cycling.

Choosing a Bicycle

Again, another important factor to reducing the risk of lower back pain while cycling is choosing the right bicycle for you. If you intend to ride for any period, the cheapest bicycle that is designed for a body that is 6” shorter than yours is not a good idea. Your back pain will ruin that $300 savings in a week. You should use a sizing chart to select the right sized bicycle for you. If you have lower back pain, you may want to choose a bicycle with a recumbent seat.


The last of the ways to avoid lower back pain is through your posture while cycling. You must avoid slouching or hunching your shoulders while riding. You also need to shift positions periodically to keep your muscles from getting tired.

In Conclusion

One of the most frequent ailments for a cyclist is a lower back pain. However, by following the above strategies, you should be able to prevent back strain and pain.