How to make cycling safe for your child? Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to deal with the presents. Putting presents together, reading directions, cursing Santa Claus, and the whole nine yards. Did your child get a new bicycle? As a cyclist, you understand the importance of safety, but how do you instill the love of riding in your child while curbing their natural tendency to go first and ask questions later. Or, is your child scared of falling and doesn’t want to ride? Either way, it is important to address cycling safety with your child.

What steps should you take to encourage fun and safe cycling? Check out the below tips to find out more.

learning to ride


The first step to make cycling safe for your child is to use a helmet. No matter whether you are staying in your driveway or pedaling down a sidewalk, your child needs to wear a helmet. Some children won’t like the feel of the helmet or consider they are “too big” for a helmet, but don’t give in. helmets help protect your child from head and brain injuries. A little pouting for a few minutes is much better than lifelong complications or death.

Shoes, Laces, and Baggy Pants

Your child should always wear proper footwear when cycling. Flip flops are not an option. Flip flops can get caught and fall off or lodge between the foot pedal and bicycle frame. Barefoot is a big “no”. Also, be aware of shoelaces as they can get caught in the pedals and cause your child to crash. Floppy pant legs are not much better as they can do the same thing.

Wrong Way

Teach your child the correct way to ride down the street if you are leaving your driveway or sidewalk. Be close enough to your child to remind them or help them to navigate if necessary.

Bright Clothing and Reflectors

Make sure your child is not wearing dark clothing. Light clothing will help them to be seen b people driving vehicles. Reflectors will also help your child to be visible to others.


Another tip for making cycling safe for your child is to address their fear of riding. If your child is scared, you should leave on the training wheels. Let them get used to riding with training wheels before taking them off.


Some children get overexcited with new toys or activities. Before starting out on a bicycle ride, explain the importance of safety, how to look for traffic, and calm your child down. If your child is too excited, stick to the driveway.


The last tip for making cycling safe for your child it to only cycle in the daylight. Cycling at dusk or at night is better left to the experienced cycler as more awareness of safety is needed for a nighttime ride. Stick to cycling in the daytime with your child.

In Conclusion

How can you make cycling safe for your child? It is exciting to have your child interested in something you enjoy. However, take extra precautions when starting a new activity. Soon your child will be ready to hit the road with you.