It’s your first time out alone on your bike. You have to be cautious. You have to remember the things that your parents taught you. You have to follow the rules and not venture past that point that they said not to go passed……or do you?

Small child riding his bike fast. Blurred Motion.

Cycling Gives You Opportunities for Making Mistakes

That is a point in which character building is beginning. I, of course, ventured passed the point of where my mother told me to stay confined and ended up far away, lost, terrified and afraid of the trouble I would be in if my mother had discovered me missing this long!

Another kid may have just followed the rules and not got lost.Getting lost became a theme in my life. Maybe the other kid followed the rules?

Cycling can be challenging.

The European Cycling Challenge – ECC2017 is a urban cyclists’ team competition. It takes place from 1 to 31 May 2017. It is a challenge among European cities: the City that “rides” the longest total distance wins!It is open to all people.


Cycling creates a sense of ownership and gives a kid the responsibility of lugging itself and this metal object around and getting back there in one piece.


We have all had to walk the bike up the hill and give ourselves a pep talk like, “It’s ok, for all people know I’ve been biking for a hundred miles….” or “nobody but lance armstrong could peddle up this bitch anyway”.



That sweet feeling of elation  just as you were sure you were going to die from muscle explosion disorder at the apex of a hill and you fly down and coast for awhile. THAT is gratitude; thank you god!!!!


You have to be pretty brave to even put on those cyclist pants! Baring it all, we pedal our way into some risky terrains. Many of us have had that moment at the apex of a hill where we are coasting down hard and fast and WHOAH! Don’t want to be a cartoon splat against the wall!


We learn to pay attention to our surroundings while simultaneously doing something else physically. All of our senses are engaed and at high alert. Hearing, gripping the handle bars, looking around for hazards and routes, tasting your sweat and feeling your heart beat as all of these loud distractions like cars, birds, people, animals, trees, etc. whirl around you. Yet still we learn to use caution, a valuable asset in life.


You have to push through that threshold. You have to get passed the point of thinking about turning around. You have to get past the point of thinking about the dew or the torn shoe lace or the million other excuses you have for not reaching a goal. You push passed all those thoughts and get there!

Work Ethic

Cycling teaches us that the harder you work, the farther you will go. Need I say more?