Do you suffer from a bloated belly? If you do, then you need natural remedies to relieve a bloated stomach. A bloated stomach leaves you miserable with too tight of pants that you can’t sit down in or even wear pants. What is a bloated stomach? A bloated stomach is when gases build up in your digestive tract and swell your abdomen up making it feel tight. What can you do to eliminate the afternoon bloat? Check these 6 natural remedies to relieve a bloated stomach.

Avoid Constipation

The top one of the natural remedies to relieve a bloated stomach is avoiding constipation. When you are constipated, your digestive system gets impacted by fecal material. There is nowhere for the digested food to go, so matters only get worse. To relieve constipation, you should add foods that relieve constipation to your diet. Examples of constipation relieving foods include prunes, juices, foods high in fiber, and green leafy vegetables.

Lactose or Gluten Intolerance

When dealing with a bloated stomach, it is beneficial to determine whether the symptoms are a result of a gluten or lactose intolerance. Some people with a bloated stomach suffer from these afflictions. To rule these issues out, you should speak with your doctor. Your doctor can do tests to see whether you are lactose or gluten intolerance. In addition, you can complete a food diary and monitor your symptoms.

Slow Down Your Eating

People who eat fast can end up with a bloated stomach due to the increased air that is inhaled while eating fast. In addition, when you eat fast, your food is not able to be digested as easily. Why is your food not easy to digest? When you eat fast, you tend not to chew your food as well.

Don’t Over Chew Gum

The reason for this is the same as slowing down your eating. When you chew gum, you can swallow more air causing a bloated stomach.

Avoid Gassy Veggies and Beans

Both beans and some vegetables are known producers of extra gas and lead to bloating and feeling miserable. What veggies cause gas? Some vegetables that cause gas include broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, green peppers, and onions. You should limit your intake of these foods to see if there is an improvement.

Eliminate Soda

The last of the natural remedies to relieve a bloated stomach is eliminating soda. Soda has carbonation. Carbonation causes bloat. A bloated stomach makes you miserable. As a result, you should avoid soda to relieve your bloated stomach.

In Conclusion

If you suffer from a bloated stomach, you should try these natural remedies to relieve a bloated stomach. By cutting down on veggies and beans that cause gas, eliminating soda, and avoiding constipation, you should see an improvement in your symptoms