Do you suffer from depression? Maybe just feeling a little down this winter. It can be difficult to stay emotionally up when the weather is cold, there is limited exposure to the sun, and you haven’t been on your bicycle for weeks. As a result, you can suffer from depression. However, there are several different options that you can do to help boost your mood. Some options to increase your happy feelings in the winter time include yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, focusing on gratitude, and watching what you eat.

Foods to Help Boost Your Mood

How does watching what you eat help boost your mood? Many people when they are feeling down crave sweet foods, salty foods, and fatty foods. Are you like most people in that respect? If so, you can counter those cravings by eating foods high in protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fish. Why are these foods good for your mood? These foods can put a halt to your desire for junk, improve your energy, and give you better focus.


One of the best foods for boosting your mood is turkey. Why is turkey so good? Turkey includes a substance called tryptophan. The chemical tryptophan increases the level of serotonin in your body which is a natural, feel-good chemical. Other sources of lean protein are also a good for boosting your mood.


Most nuts are a good source of protein which can counter the cravings for junk food. However, walnuts are even better for your for boosting your mood. Walnuts have the highest level of Omega-3 than any of the nuts. Omega-3 helps with overall brain health.

Fatty Fish

Another great source to boost your mood is fatty fish. Fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna, and salmon also have a high content level of Omega-3. This Omega-3 not only improves your brain health, it also reduces inflammation and lowers your risk for heart disease.

Low-Fat Dairy

Dairy is also a good source of protein. The protein in dairy includes peptides. These peptides produce a feeling of well-being and can help you relax. In addition, low-fat dairy includes calcium and vitamin D which are also good for fighting depression.

Whole Grains

Whole grains include carbohydrates. However, these are the good carbohydrates. When choosing carbohydrates, look for ones that are high in fiber. Some of these foods include whole grains, brown rice, and oatmeal. Like turkey, whole grains stimulate the production of serotonin.

In Conclusion

Not being able to get out for a bike ride can really be a bummer. These five foods are a great way to fight those winter blues while waiting for the temperatures to rise. Hopefully, these foods can help tide you over until you can get back on your bicycle and boost your mood with exercise and the great outdoors.