How do you choose a knee brace for cyclists? If you are injured, you may need a knee brace. If you have strained your knee or injured your knee while cycling or doing another activity, you may need the support of a knee brace. Especially if you are going to continue with your cycling training, you will need the additional support to keep your knee from getting further damage. However, if your knee is extremely swollen or painful, you need to stay off your bicycle for a few days to a couple of weeks to allow the knee to heal.

If your knee is strong enough to still cycle, what type of brace do you need? When you venture into a health store to find a knee brace it can be quite overwhelming. Depending on the size of the store, you could be faced with 10 different braces to choose from all the way to 30 or more. Don’t make deciding on the right knee brace overwhelm you. We will give you some tips on how to make an informed decision when you go to purchase your knee brace.

Type of Knee Brace

There are four types of braces: sleeves, supports, stabilizers, and hinges. With a knee sleeve, the brace will be sized specifically for you and will slip over the knee. Knee supports are braces that are adjustable and can be wrapped around the knee. The third type of knee brace is a stabilizer. The stabilizer contains steel springs on both sides of the knee to provide additional support. A hinged knee brace includes hinges that allow for additional knee movement when being worn.

Slip on or Wrap Around

There are two main types of braces that you can choose from. A slip-on brace goes over the foot and up the leg until it covers the knee. On the other hand, a wrap around brace can be strapped around to latch in the front or the back. So, how do you choose between the two? It depends on what you need. A slip-on brace can be personally fitted for you so that it can snugly fit against your knee. The wrap around brace is secured with Velcro and can be tightened to give a decent fit.

Open or Closed Patella

Do you want your knee covered or left open? A closed patella brace will give you additional support. However, an open patella brace can allow pressure to be relieved if that is preferred. An open patella brace can have added knee support to keep additional pressure.

Size of the Brace

The last tip for choosing a knee brace for cyclists is selecting the size of the brace you need. Luckily, the sizing of the brace will be located on the package to indicate proper measurement requirements. Depending on the type of brace that you are looking for, there will be measurements in different places. Some braces need measures around the knee, above and below the knee, and still, others will need a measurement around the thigh or calf.

In Conclusion

To get back to cycling, you need to have a proper fitting knee brace for cyclists. If your knee is still stable enough to cycle, then getting a knee brace is a must to keep your knee from getting a further injury.