There are many migraine relievers around. From prescriptions to over-the-counter pills, to kitchen herbs, the options seem endless. But, some are safer and work better than others. One natural remedy that many love is capsaicin – in pill and cream form. This pepper derivative is great for muscle issues, but can it help kick a migraine headache? Many believe so – and some studies support their beliefs.


There have been studies supporting that capsaicin cream can help bring relief to those who suffer from cluster headaches. Applied to the temples and the back of the neck, these creams can help calm blood vessels, making pain almost nonexistent. According to one study, pain had virtually disappeared in almost 50% of users within 30 minutes of application.

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While topically applied and pill-form is great, new research is showing that a new nasal spray containing capsaicin can also help. In studies of people of various ages, with severe migraines, 72% of participants experienced complete pain relief from the nasal spray, and only one patient out of 13 experienced no helpful relief. So, indications are good that this spray can help combat migraine pain. But, pepper spray up your nose? That’s kind of weird – and could be an issue if you have sinus issues or a current sinus infection.

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So, should you give capsaicin a go? Sure! Just be sure that you do not suffer an allergy from it in any form. Test a bit of cream on the inside of your elbow, and wait at least one day. It can sometimes take this long for a reaction to appear. Buying over-the-counter cream is great, as is buying and mixing the oil yourself. Do you is easiest and best for you. Also, since this doesn’t bring relief to all aspects of a migraine (nausea, auras, etc.), you can combine it safely with other natural remedies. Ginger (in any form) and peppermint are great for nausea. Drink these in teas, or chew or suck them in candy form for relief. Ice on your neck is great for pain relief, and some believe aura relief. A proven solution (albeit a weird one) for aura relief is running ice-cold water over your teeth. You can also use ice-cold water with a Water-Pic, if that makes it easier.

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Capsaicin is one of the newest hot kids on the block for migraine relief, and for good reason: It works! This is a great remedy for those looking for a natural migraine remedy, and since it can used in conjunction with other natural remedies, you can kick your migraine to the curb without any nasty side effects.