You see drug commercials for every disease and every symptom these days, but no drug is advertised on TV more than pain-pills. More than 3 million new cases of arthritis every year here and nothing is made available to medical patients than drugs, more drugs and experimental drugs. Yes, drugs are everywhere and anyone with a medical license is more than happy to prescribe more drugs to you. But did you know drugs injure your joints more? And more injury of course means more inflammation, which could only advance to chronic inflammation. Of course the drug makers know this, so what do drug makers provide you next? Well, an anti-inflammatory of course. Because nothing is more profitable than providing you toxic drugs that injure your joints more, then when you can’t endure the chronic inflammation, you are prescribed drugs that suppress your immune system, so you feel less inflammation, but then increase your risk of death from a common cold.

But Wait…There’s A Drug For That, Too.

When does it end? Are you supposed to go through the rest of your life dependent on drugs? Will there ever come a point in your life when you say to yourself, “what can I do to stop injuring my joints more with all these drugs?” There is hope thankfully, but it’s not for everyone. I say it’s not for everyone, because most arthritis sufferers do not believe a cure is already found in nature, so they will continue taking drugs for the rest of their life and even feel offended when anyone suggests another natural treatment. But if you are sitting there already assuming this is going to be another hyped up alternative treatment for joint pain that doesn’t work, then you could miss the only real chance to reverse your joint pain or any pain safely and holistically, forever!

All It Takes Is Consistency.

If you are willing to replace your breakfast with 6 very special plants, every day, then you could wake up one day very soon without a single ache and without a single pain, anywhere! How do I know this? Because I have already seen this happen over and over again. Mothers, fathers and children, contacting me over the years to tell me how their life has changed; how they finally got off all their pain meds; how they can finally play tennis again; how they can finally go surfing again; how they can finally play with their grandchildren outside again and so much more.

When You’re In Pain, That’s All Your Mind Can Focus On, And That Makes For A Very Unhappy And Unfulfilling Life!

When you know the exact cause of your joint pain, then you immediately become the expert you have been waiting to finally meet — you become your own doctor! And as your own doctor, you can treat yourself how you see fit! No one to telling you how much to take or any fear of side-effects or interactions, either. Nothing but consistent improvement every day towards living without pain, permanently, is all you need to concern yourself with. It’s very reassuring to know there is nothing you’re doing that could ever harm your body or your joints further. And when you’re ready and after your joint pain is almost gone of course, then you can decide when and how to wean yourself off all drugs safely and effectively. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful day when you can finally do that? I’ve seen it so many times I already know you will be next.