Do you need help choosing a cycling group? Many people join cycling to explore nature, get exercise, unwind, and to enjoy solitude. However, other people who join cycling are social people and get bored without having anyone else to talk to or motivate them to keep pushing on. It can get monotonous to keep pedaling mile after mile. Those people soon find themselves giving up cycling and headed to a gym stationary bicycle. At least that way they can find people to talk to while their cycling.

Choosing a Cycling Group

Are you one of those bored people who miss social interaction? Before giving up your bicycling, you should consider joining a cycling group. However, just like any other group, you must consider several points before settling on a specific group. For you, different points will hold more weight than for other.


One consideration you must think about is the age of the riders in the group. If you are an older cyclist, who is wanting to ride for mild exercise and social interaction, you don’t want to select a group that is filled with college students. Your interests will be different as well as the purpose of cycling.


If you cycle at 18 mph, but the group you’re looking to join is cycling at 13 mph, then you may get bored with this group. Waiting for the rest of the group all the time is going to old. However, if your goal is to increase your speed and stamina, you may want to choose a group that is slightly above your riding speed, so that you can work up to their level. While the first few weeks are going to be a struggle its better than going with a slower group and outgrowing the group in a month. Then, you would need to find another new group.


Obviously, if your schedule does not fit that of the group, then you’re going to have to find another group. If you are really drawn to this group, find out if one of their rides is more challenging than the others and try to fit that one into your schedule. You don’t have to attend all the group’s events. On the other hand, to feel a part of the group, you do need to attend the most rewarding group activities.

Social Events

Many cycling groups participate in cycling events. These events can be eating at a local hangout, wine tasting, going to community concerts, or selecting a different restaurant every month to try as a group. Find out what special activities the group participates in during non-cycling days.

In Conclusion

If you are getting bored with riding solo, look to find a group. However, don’t just pick the first group that you find. Take time to review the individual characterizes of the group.