There is always a big hoopla about some celebrity’s diet, but Chrissy Teigan’s diet revelations have people talking in a major way. She doesn’t diet per se, and if you have browsed her website or cookbook, you know she loves good food. “Anti dieting” is the newest fad to hit the magazines and talk shows, but it really isn’t a fad. Dietitians have known for years that eating a lot of good and healthy foods in variety is one of the best ways to stay healthy. This isn’t the most exciting way to lose weight, but it is one of the healthiest and safest.

One tip that Chrissy have Shape Magazine was to never skip breakfast. She is a huge fan of eggs in the AM, which not only helps fill you up with protein and healthy Omega-3’s, but also keeps you fuller, longer. Avocado is another must-have for a healthy diet, and everyone from keto dieters to whole-food dieters love the filling, heart-healthy fats that an avocado provides. So does Chrissy Teigan. Plain avocado can be spiced up in many ways, so it is never boring.

Mrs. John Legend also told the magazine that she loves tuna salad – with a lot of Dijon mustard. Tuna salad is healthy, thanks to its lean protein and Omega-3’s. The additional of tangy Dijon mustard adds flavor, and without adding mayonnaise you are saving a lot of calories and bad fats.

Seaweed sheets are another favorite, as they helps tame salty-food cravings. While these can be an acquired taste, adding veggies or a healthy dip can help mask the seaweed flavor.

Tuna Sashimi makes the perfect midday snack, according to Chrissy. The lean protein helps fill you up for little calories, and the high Omega-3’s help keep your body full of healthy fats. Omega-3’s also help keep your skin and hair gorgeous, so that is a major plus.

Chrissy Teigan’s website offers up healthy – but super yummy recipes – to help satify every craving you have. But many have one thing in common: They are low carb. A diverse variety of foods are featured on So Delushious, from Baklava, to Zucchini Lasagna, to Jalapeno Chip Tuna Casserole. While these may sound extravagant, they all (sans the Baklava) feature healthy aspects. Food should be enjoyed – but not treated as something that you must eat all of. This take of food helps you enjoy more food – and a bigger variety of food – while staying healthy.