Do you need a pro cycling diet plan for cycling training? There can be confusion around what foods to eat when training for a cycling event. Everyone has a different fad diet to try. More protein. Less protein. Just right protein. Where do you go for the right answer? The key is to get the proper ratio of macronutrients for optimal performance. You want to be at your best to achieve your next cycling goal. However, without proper nutrition, you won’t be able to reach those goals. Your stamina and endurance will leave you stranded alongside the road as your competitors fly past you.

Pro Cycling Diet Plan for Cycling Training

You can’t start an effective pro cycling diet plan for cycling training the day before your event. The balanced diet needs to begin weeks or months before the event. To properly train, you need to include weight training to your cycling training. It is important to strengthen your lower body muscles. These training sessions will deplete your body reserves of stored nutrients, so proper refueling is a must.

Each Body Is Different

Unfortunately, each person’s body is just a little bit different, so there is not a magic diet plan for all cyclists. When planning your diet, you need to be aware of the dangers of fad diets. A fad diet may work for one cyclist, but not provide you with the right balance of nutrients for endurance and stamina. Listen to the needs of your body as you plan your diet. The first nutrient combination that you try does not have to be the last. If after building up your training routine, you are still lacking energy, add or move some things around in your diet and see if that helps.

Diet Planning

You need to strategically plan your meals and snacks. If you don’t have a steady stream of the right macronutrients to replenish those that are being depleted, you won’t have the success you are searching for on the road. Your goal as a cyclist is to balance your intake of macronutrients. Those macronutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Your correct balance will be your metabolic efficiency. Metabolic efficiency is the manipulation of exercising with the correct aerobic training to maximize your fat burn.

Metabolic Efficiency

The goal of metabolic efficiency is to use the stored carbohydrates and fat calories in your body for energy. Your body stores something like 40X as much fat calories than it does carbohydrate calories. With metabolic efficiency, your desire is to train your body to use those unlimited fat calories and store the carbohydrate calories until they are needed.

Metabolic Equation

The metabolic equation for cyclists is protein + fat + fiber at every meal. By following this plan, your body will improve your metabolic efficiency, utilize the fat stored in your body, and control blood sugar. When you begin to plan your daily meals for cycling training, start by categorizing all your foods under the different categories of protein/fat, vegetable, fruits, and whole grains. The largest portion of your meal will start on the left and go down to the right.

protein + fat + fiber

In Conclusion

When cycling training, you need to plan your diet like a pro. You need to put as much thought into your diet as you do to planning your cycling and weight training circuits. All the effort you put into cycling and weight training can be devastated by improper nutrition.