Where should you store your bicycle? Depending on how much or how little space you have, this question can be a difficult one to answer. However, leaving your beloved bicycle outside in the weather is not an option. Leaving it outside would subject your bicycle to rust. Each time your bicycle would get wet, the more damage that could be done. Not to mention, leaving your bicycle outside puts it in jeopardy of being stolen. So, what do you do with your bicycle? There are several options available to you. It really depends on your available space and the expense of your bicycle.


If you have a garage, you can store your bicycle inside. However, if you have an expensive bicycle, storing it in the garage is not enough. It is recommended that you also secure your bicycle to the rafters with a lock and chain. Yes, if someone really wants it, they can cut away the food of the rafters. However, a thief coming with their own saw in hand is not extremely likely.


Some people do not have the luxury of a garage. If you don’t have a garage, you can store your bicycle inside a custom made or off-the-lot storage shed. These sheds are not as good as an attached garage. They are not as secure and more exposed to the elements including the heat and cold. An attached garage has the benefit of some heat from the main house when it is brutally cold. When you store a bicycle in a shed, you must find some way to secure it to a larger item that will build an additional barrier against theft.


Again, your lower patio is not enough. It is too exposed to the elements or to someone wanting to steal it. However, storing your bicycle on an upper-level balcony might be an only option for those living in an apartment or condo. People in apartments and condos generally don’t have access to a garage or shed on the grounds. If you must use a balcony, be sure to cover your bicycle, keep it under an overhang, so it doesn’t get wet, and keep it secure to a heavy object. A balcony is not an ideal choice.


The best place for your bicycle is inside your home. If you have a hallway or mudroom where you can store your bicycle, that’s great. What if you don’t? There is another choice. You can hang your bicycle. If you are short on space think creatively. Hang your bicycle from the ceiling or behind the sofa to keep from taking up additional space from your apartment or condo. However, if you have extra space and a nice-looking bicycle, you should make it your showpiece. Hang it with pride.

In Conclusion

Your bicycle is one of your most beloved possessions. It is important to keep it in good cycling condition and safe from thieves. The best place to store your bicycle is action in your house, apartment, or condo.