Are there things that are annoying to a cyclist? Cyclists love being outside getting a good day’s exercise in before the rest of the world is up for the workday. It doesn’t matter if the weather is nice or cloudy with intermittent showers. A cyclist will be riding. It is more than exercise, it is a passion. If it was only exercise, they’d be at the gym riding a stationary bike in 69-degree weather. Instead, they face the rage of rude motorists and ridiculously large potholes.

Annoying to a Cyclist

So, what annoys a cyclist? There are numerous things that annoy a cyclist. However, the following are the ones that make the short list of most annoying things that frustrate a cyclist.

Lose Dogs

When a cyclist head out through the neighborhood, they’re hoping for a nice quiet ride. Until the neighbor’s dog breaks free from their yard and starts running alongside the bicycle. If that wasn’t bad enough, then the dog decides to begin nipping at the bicycle wheels or the cyclist’s pedaling feet.

Motorists that Don’t Pass

There are a lot of acts that motorists do that are annoying to a cyclist. However, the first one is when the motorist rides behind the cyclist. No, this is not the sin. The sin is when there is ample room to pass, but the motorists rides behind the cyclist and doesn’t make a move to pass. Why exactly does the motorist do this? One will never know.

Motorists Who Cut’s Off the Cyclist

Even worse than the tailgater is the motorist, who does pass, but cuts off the cyclist’s lane when making the pass. This individual does not wait until they can see the cyclist in their rearview mirror before sliding back in front of the rider. This puts the cyclist in danger.

Motorist Who Likes Muddy Puddles

The next motorist who annoys a cyclist is the one that likes a muddy puddle. This motorist enjoys driving through the deepest portion of the puddle to soak the cyclist with mud and water.

Large Potholes

Potholes can be dangerous for a cyclist. There are times when traffic prevents a cyclist from dodging the pothole and can result in an accident or a blown-out bicycle tire. Even worse are the potholes with white paint outlines that imply the road crew is aware of the danger and intends to fix the pothole. Only, they never come back to fix the pothole.


Another of the things that are annoying to a cyclist is regarding Strava. What can be annoying about the beloved Strava? Forgetting to start Strava when the cyclists begins their cycling ride or after a break. Losing even a fraction of the route data can ruin a cyclist’s entire ride. It’s like it never even happened.


The last of the things that are annoying to a cyclist is allergies. It can be a perfectly beautiful day full of sunshine and green grass. No, not green grass. The dreaded sign of allergies. As a result, the cyclist is suffering through watery eyes and a runny nose. Furthermore, the cyclist must resort to living on allergy pills to get through the ride. If it isn’t the drowsy kind. They only make that mistake once.

In Conclusion

There are numerous things that are annoying to a cyclist. However, these top 7 items are some of the most annoying. As a cyclist, do you agree?