A dog is man’s best friend. Wherever we go, our dogs really want to follow. They are loyal and loving and generally full of energy for outdoor adventures like going for walks, playing fetch, hunting and swimming.

But what about biking? The logistical hazards of this venture are many depending on your pup’s behavior.

My boy loves to pull me along for my morning jog. Yet he has an issue with understanding his stamina. My dog will want to go as fast as possible for the first mile and then loose his oomph on the way back.

The thought of tethering my dog to my bike brings a few images to mind. The first, is of him dragging me down the street at thirty miles per hour and the second is of me peddling at the speed of smell while cheering him on the final stretch towards home.

Some people have this thing figured out though. Their best friend wags along next to them as they cruise around in synchronicity. The trick to biking with your dog safely  is in the training. Start small and delve out into an area where there are as few distractions as possible. Experienced dog-bikers also instruct to start by walking the bike with the leash attached to it to get your dog accustomed to being tethered to the device.

It is also so important to realize that if your dog is under twenty-five pounds then this is not going to be ” a thing” for you two. Also, dogs with short legs and puppies should be left at home or perhaps put in a basket like toto.

But for the hefty dog like my seventy pound pit bull who will run for miles, there is some pretty cool biking gear on the market. Paw pads are available in a variety of sizes to protect those little feet. Cooling vests and little trailers are also on the market for when your best friend needs a break but you want to ride on.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to include your best friend in your favorite hobby.