Do you live in Florida? Are you looking for a cycling event for a good cause? Maybe, you don’t live in Florida, but you’re looking for a quick destination cycling event. If this is you and you like to donate to a good cause, head to Florida in March. There is plenty of time to set up a quick drive if you live in the area. Like to fly instead? Florida in March sounds like a great idea.


Where and Why


The Pan-Florida Challenge Ride for Hungry Kids is scheduled in Naples, Florida from March 10th through the 11th. It’s only $50 to enter the event. The charity that is being promoted is ending childhood hunger. The food stays locally in Florida to help those in need. The children don’t know where their next meal is coming from, so it is a great opportunity to give back.


What’s Involved


As a cyclist, you can choose to cycle different lengths of distance. The races are 10, 30, 62, 100 and 180 miles in length. All races begin at the North Collier Regional Park in Naples, Florida. All events include food and water stops, SAG support, and sports swag in the form of a 2018 PFC jersey or t-shirt. In addition, the race will provide training programs for those who are looking to advance their skills, as well as, local clinics. Afraid you’ll get hungry? Don’t be, the race sponsors are also providing catered meals and overnight accommodations will be established for those cyclists who ride in the 100 to 180-mile events. Let’s not forget the finish line party or the 2018 medal winner.




The PFC has raised over 3 million meals to feed hungry children in only 3 years. Again, if you live in or near Florida, head to Naples on March 10th and have fun. While having fun, you get the opportunity to help donate to kid within an 8-county area. Remember, these kids don’t know where their next meal is coming from. You should take this opportunity to take a quick mini vacation.


In Conclusion


There are many cycling events throughout the United States and England during the peak cycling season. If you can’t get away to Naples and enjoy some Florida weather, then check out your local calendars to find one in your neighborhood. Even better if they are donating to a local charity. If you’re headed to Florida, have fun!