Fit body

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Weight loss is something that is different for everyone – but cycling whilst trying to lose weight is something that needs to be done in proper form. It isn’t hard, as long as you dedicate yourself to it. Below are the best cycling tips for losing weight.

Eat Before You Bike

Eating fuels your body, so it is only natural that you need to eat something before you hop on your bike. However, some skip this, thinking that biking (or exercising in any manner) on an empty stomach burns more calories. False! Starving your body causes your body to store up the food already in your system, making for a possible weight gain instead of a weight loss.

Don’t Over-Dress

Sweating is great, but when you over-dress to sweat more, you can cause more harm than good. This causes you to lose weight by dehydration – which is the worst type of weight loss. Instead, dress comfortably and focus on exercising and a good diet to lose weight.

Limit All The Gluten

“All the gluten” meaning not just bread – but everything gluten is in: namely, processed foods. While you may not have a gluten allergy, shopping as if you do can automatically eliminate carby, starchy, processed foods that are causing you weight gain. They also are the worst things to eat before a ride, as simple sugars cause a blood sugar crash after a few minutes.

Trash Dietary Supplements

Don’t fall for quick-fix schemes, namely drinks, powders, and pills. They do not accomplish anything long-term, and they often leave the user with more weight gain in the end. Instead, focus on your diet and exercise – and perhaps whey protein powder when you need a quick and healthy protein-filled meal.

Bulk Up On Lean Protein

When you are craving foods, bulk up on lean protein instead of processed junk. Veggies are also great, but lean protein sources like tofu and chicken breast can help you stay fuller for longer. The vitamin and mineral absorption rate is also higher for lean protein sources than other foods – so you will fuel up on your much-needed natural daily supplements.

Eat Whilst Biking

Eating while you are on the bike can also help you get through your workout – and it can help keep your body satisfied. You’ve heard of “hangry”, right? Well, being hungry and angry on the bike can cause problems for you and others around you. Also, you will be less hungry when you get back home, so you are less likely to nosh on junk food – or stop at a drive-thru on the drive home.