Are you an active person? Do you enjoy sports, exploring and socializing? If that’s the case, and you’re not in a committed relationship, cycling holidays for singles can be a perfect holiday idea for you. Many travel agencies around the world organize vacations specifically for singles. It’s a perfect solution for those who love to travel, but don’t have a partner to do it with. It’s also a great way to escape the everyday life for a little while, together with all its stress and routine. Some of the trips focus on one theme, for example cycling. We’ll introduce you to the idea, explain what are the benefits of such travels, tell you how to choose the best offer and prepare for the adventure. Since the spring is beginning in Europe and it’s a perfect time to head there, we’ll also suggest some great destinations in this part of the world.

Reasons to go for cycling holidays for singles

Such a trip can give you a chance to meet new people and, most importantly, these people will share your interests. It definitely increases the possibility of making friends or finding this special someone with whom you could experience a bit of romance, a fun affair or real love.

Trips for singles make flirting easier. You can be sure everyone in your group is alone, just as you. They won’t reject you because they’re already committed. If they do it for another reason, at least you two should have enough of common ground and understanding to let it pass and become nice travel buddies. The possibility of feeling awkward and humiliated is much smaller than usually.

Besides, there’s something all of the participants have in common. Cycling holidays for singles are made for people who like to spend time outside, who can’t sit still for too long and love discovering new places. It should be fairly easy to communicate with your travel companions. You’ll also experience a lot of new things together, which usually makes bonding faster. Organizers take care of the schedule and make sure it includes a lot of activities during which the participants can get to know each other.

Top destinations in Europe

In most European countries, cycling is very popular. There are roads and trails adjusted for bike-lovers, both beginners and those who have already bicycled a lot. Moreover, the abundance of wonderful landscapes make riding a real pleasure. In some parts of Europe the winter is already over, in others it’ll finish soon, so now is the right moment to plan your holidays. You’ll have a chance to see the nature waking up from the long winter sleep. Below we list several places across Europe that we believe are perfect destinations for cyclists. A variety of travel agencies organizes holidays in these areas, so finding the right option will be easy.

The Netherlands

One of the places you should definitely consider is the Netherlands. The country’s basically full of bikes. The roads are well maintained, drivers are used to cyclists and views are amazing. Not without a reason Holland is known for its fields full of flowers – there’s lots of them indeed. There are also windmills, gorgeous cities with charming canals and plentiful cosy pubs.

cycling holland

Tuscany, Italy

If you like hilly areas, Tuscany is among the best places to visit. It’s beautiful and romantic. Artsy towns such as Siena and Florence, lovely villages, excellent wines and heavenly cuisine – these are only a few things Tuscany has to offer.

cycling Tuscany


Ireland is another great destination. With its endless greenery, mysterious castles and atmospheric towns, it’s a fascinating country. The weather isn’t perfect, it can be chilly at times, but the fog and the rain only make Irish landscapes more mysterious and enchanting. Besides, you can always find a cosy traditional pub on the side on the road, a perfect place to warm up and take a rest.

cycling ireland

French Alps

The Alps have stolen hearts of countless travelers and no wonder they did so – it’s an unbelievably beautiful part of France. The Alps are popular mainly among skiers and hikers, but not only. Those mountainous areas are perfect for more experienced, adventurous cyclists. If you’re ready to ride up and down, you’ll be rewarded with the most marvelous views.

cycling french alps

How to choose the right offer

There are several things you should pay attention to when looking for perfect solo vacations.

Some of the trips are made for specific age groups. You can either find one that fits your age or one that is open for everyone. Both solutions have their pros and cons. By joining a group of people who’re in the same age, you get a bigger chance to communicate with them. Most likely, there will also be more of suitable potential friends and partners. Mixed groups though give you an opportunity to spend time in a diverse company. Both of these solutions can be great, it all depends on your personal preferences.

When checking out different cycling holidays for singles, don’t forger to check the level of difficulty. As an experienced bicyclist, you could get bored on a mellow trip. As a beginner, on the other hand, you could feel tired and overwhelmed when travelling with a bunch of fast cyclists. It’s very important to find a tour that matches your skills and fitness.

Don’t forget to read the offers carefully. Take a look at dates and prices – it sounds very obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook something basic. Check whether all of the activities are included in the price. In case of any doubts, contact the agency.

Last but not least – choose a reliable operator. Before booking a tour, look through their websites and read reviews.


Since you’re going to be active during the trip, it’s important you pack the right stuff. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes and clothes. Nevertheless, most itineraries include cocktail parties, dinners, visiting art galleries, museums and other attractions, so besides of sport clothes, you should also have something casual and something fancy.

If you’re living alone, make sure your house or flat will be safe while you’re gone. If the your single vacations are going to be long, don’t forget pay all the bills before going, so that once you come back, you won’t be welcomed by a mailbox full of calls for payment. Give the keys to someone you trust and put all the valuables in a proper place.

Remember this trip is for you to relax and enjoy. To make it possible, do all your best to deal with all the stressful things before leaving. Don’t let your colleagues and employers call you twice a day while you’re away and inform your friends about your plans, so that they won’t have to worry about you.

Once you’re ready, just go and have fun!

Would you like to go for one of such tours? Which destination would you choose? Let us know! And share this article with your friends, especially those who love riding a bike.