Are you ready to purchase your next bicycle? Or, will this be your first bicycle? There are many different bicycles to choose from, so deciding will not be easy. Before you head to the bicycle shop to make your purchase, you need to consider a few facts.

Purchase Your Next Bicycle

When selecting a bicycle, you need to ask yourself several different questions. Do you ride with friends? What do they ride? What is your reason for riding? Have you had a bicycle before? What did, or didn’t you like about it? Once you consider these questions, then you will be able to better choose a bicycle.

Who Will You Ride With

If you are planning to ride with your friends, then it is important to consider what type of bicycle that they ride. When riding with friends, you would want to choose a similar type of bicycle. For example, if your friends ride mountain bicycles, you would not want to show up on a touring bicycle.

Riding Locations

When selecting your bicycle, you need to consider where you are planning to ride. If you are wanting to ride over hills on rough terrain, then you need to get a mountain bicycle. A mountain bicycle has low gears to help when climbing up steep hills. On the other hand, if you would like to ride on a smooth pavement such as a highway, then you will want to purchase a road bicycle. A road bicycle has smooth, skinny tires and handlebars that drop. However, if you are wanting to go long distances and travel for more than one day, you will want to purchase a touring bicycle. A touring bicycle is intended to be ridden on the pavement, but in addition, has cargo racks that can hold your gear while you ride.


You also need to consider the amount of money you want to on the bicycle. A lower priced bicycle can generally be purchased under $300 and is made from functional metal frames. A mid-range bicycle is made from aluminum or lighter metals and is usually between $300 to $1000. If you are a serious rider and considering the purchase of a high-end bicycle, the cost can be over $1000. These bicycles are made from the lights materials such as carbon and titanium.

In Conclusion

If you would like to purchase your next bicycle or your first bicycle, there are several things to consider including who you will ride with, where you will be riding, and the price that you would like to spend. Good luck shopping!