Is cycling having a negative impact on your sex life? There are numerous health benefits of cycling. Some of the different health benefits of cycling include improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, decreased bad cholesterol and improved blood pressure. In addition, there are several physical fitness benefits of cycling including increased muscle strength, reduced stress, and improved stamina. However, there could be some potential issues with your sex life due to cycling.

Negative Impact on Your Sex Life

For men, cycling can impact sperm count and cause numbness in the region between the anus and sex organs. The reason this occurs is due to the extended time spent sitting on a bicycle saddle. This pressure can reduce the blood flow to the sex organs. As a result, sperm count could be reduced or difficulty with erections due to the lack of blood flow.

Negative Impact on the Sex Life of Women

What about women? Women are not exempt from having a negative impact on your sex life. That same pressure can result in numbness in women. This numbness can lead to a loss of genital sensation and harm your sexual experiences. Furthermore, the nerves in your genitals can become permanently damaged. One way to curb the effects of genital sensation loss is by raising the handlebars on your bicycling. By raising the handlebars, the pressure on your sit bones, or sex organs, will be eased.

Ways to Reduce Pressure on Genitals While Cycling

Are there other steps you can take to reduce the pressure on your genitals? In addition to raising the handlebars when cycling, there are other things you can do. You can spend a couple of minutes out of every 10 that you ride sitting upright rather than leaning across your bicycle. In addition, you can purchase a bicycle seat that doesn’t push against the delicate area of your genitals. You can also get a bicycle that fits you better. With an improperly fitting bicycle, you may find yourself putting more pressure on your genitals. Lastly, you can also purchase bicycle shorts with added padding in the genital area.

In Conclusion

There are too many health benefits of cycling to give it up. However, if your sex life is suffering due to cycling, there are steps you can take before the damage is permanent. The top steps you can take to improve your sex life is to raise your handlebars, get a bicycle seat that doesn’t press against your genitals, and sit upright when cycling at least every 10 minutes. The result of making these changes can make all the difference in the world to your sex life.