When cycling, you can end up with severe shoulder and neck pain. It stems from overuse, poor posture, and weak muscles. You would not think that you should be in so much pain without sustaining an actual cycling injury. However, the pain in your shoulders and neck can be severe enough to sideline you from cycling. In some cases, you can be unable to function in your home life or work as well from the neck and shoulder pain.

Neck and Shoulder Pain from Cycling

What steps can you take to remedy neck and shoulder pain from cycling?

Align Your Spine

Your spine needs to be properly aligned when cycling to ensure you don’t face pain. How does an aligned spine help? By keeping your spine straight, you do not put uneven pressure on your bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, or joints. This unevenness results in your body needing to compensate for your poor posture. This compensation results in additional problems further away from the original site of concern.

Weak Versus Overused Muscles

Some of the muscles in the neck and shoulders end up being overused while others are underused. The muscles that become injured during cycling include the pectorals, rhomboids, neck extensors, and neck flexors. These muscles join to form a condition that is called the upper crossed syndrome. What is the upper crossed syndrome? The upper crossed syndrome is an imbalance in the body’s front and back muscle groups. As a result, some muscles become tight from too much use, while others become weak due to underuse. In addition, the overused muscles can cause issues on the nerves and blood vessels.

Pay Attention to Your Body

It is important to pay attention to your body. When you begin to feel over and under use of neck and shoulder muscle groups, you need to readjust your posture, relieve tension in the muscle groups, and do stretches.

Stretching Exercises

To relieve the pain of overused muscles and increase the strength of underused muscles, you should exercise both sets of muscle groups. If your neck and shoulders begin to burn while your cycling, it is time to take a break. Take a few moments alongside the road to do reverse shoulder shrugs, elbow presses, and neck range of motion exercise.

Get Professional Assistance

If the pain becomes unbearable, you should seek medical assistance. you can see your primary care physician. However, you have further options available such as a massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or a sports physical therapist. Any of these options can help you find relieve from the pain in your muscles.

In Conclusion

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain from cycling, you should stop and do some stretches. It is important to strengthen the muscles that are underused and relax the muscles that are overused.