Cycling In The Sauna? It’s Safer – and More Beneficial – Than You May Think


Every single day, were exposed to toxins in our homes from carpets and furniture, from soaps and shampoos, the chemical cleaners we use, detergents, pesticides on fruits and vegetables, fumes at the fuel station, mercury fillings in your teeth, chlorine and fluoride in the water and general pollution. The list is practically endless!

Over time, these toxins build up in your body and can wreak havoc on your health so it’s important to get them out.

Cycle Sauna is one of the fastest ways to get fit, detoxify, and improve your health.

What exactly is Cycle Sauna detoxification?

It is a medical grade far infrared sauna that comes equipped with an exercise bike. It is normally heated to a temperature that’s well below the the temperatures of the usual steam or wet saunas and allows participants to cycle at a relatively comfortable pace.

A medical grade sauna is one that uses a specific type of wood and avoids the use of glue, adhesives, lacquer or plastics that may cause toxic gases to be released during the infrared heating process.

The cycling encourages the body to sweat and detoxify at the same time. It’s best to start with small rides of 10 minutes before graduating to either a twenty or thirty minute rides.

It’s not like a spin class although you can cycle to music and even watch a TV through the window.  A fast pace is not the goal , but rather slow increases of resistance to help encourage sweat and detox.

The infrared heating system does naturally and gently penetrate your skin at exactly the same wave length that the sun uses to heat your body, this allows your outer skin to get warm fast in a natural manner.  It doesn’t warm your inner organs such as your heart or lungs; allowing them to function normally even when you break a heavy sweat.

Why Cycle in the Sauna?

Cycling in a far infrared sauna is good because the infrared heat generated does mobilize most lactic acid that is known to cause muscle cramps. This allows you to do relevant exercises without sustaining any stress injury due to the continuous training pace adopted.

Cycle sauna detox has also been known to speed up the repair of most soft tissue injuries at the body cell level. It is worth noting that most saunas that offer this service do use state of the art bicycles which come with the added advantage of utilizing advanced technology.

For you to sweat in such a sauna, you don’t need to raise your core body temperature, in fact if you start after doing some exercises you can start sweating after a paltry three minutes, in a span of 10-12 minutes you get your full detoxifying sweat.

How safe is it?

Research has shown that it is indeed one of the most natural ways for one to warm your body. It is much safer than the UV rays from the sun. Because it doesn’t raise your core body temperature, it is less stressful on your lungs and heart than other traditional wood fired or electric saunas.

The infrared heat is quite natural; the elements are very carefully designed so as to make the inner environment feel warm, not hot. The ceramic elements used in the cycle sauna detox are high in silica, just like sand or glass; giving it a very natural feeling.

Because you are able to profusely sweat without raising your core body temperature, the sweat is so powerful, it removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead and other complex chemicals like PCB’s. This cycle sauna detox is bound to leave you feeling all fresh and rejuvenated.

It is important to keep hydrated throughout and replace the fluid and the minerals that are also lost in the sweat. You can do this with fresh fruit and vegetable juices with added green food.

Who can use this detox?

Anyone keen on keeping fit and detoxing can adopt this exercise that was previously the preserve of elite athletes and military officers. It is also good for people with medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders.

Do not do any sort of detox if you are pregnant. If you are very weak or have any serious illness you should consult your doctor first and do it under supervision if given the go ahead.

A cycle sauna is designed to operate at 78-105F (25-40C). This means you sweat without raising your core body temperature. It does not agitate your heart or lungs like a high temperature sauna can. A cycle sauna detox is safe for almost everyone, and the fastest way to get fit, detoxify, and improve your health.