Having a lasting marriage is difficult. Let’s face it, for decades in America; we have been faced with a staggering sixty percent divorce rate (an approximate percentage that is likely much larger) and those of us who have taken the challenge understand that making two people work as a unit of one is damned near impossible at times.

Yet, studies show that the couples who have hobbies together tend to stay together. This couples’ marriage was reignited by pushing peddles together instead of pushing each others buttons.

Dan Koh and his wife took up cycling together and were pleasantly surprised at how much of a major impact it made in their marriage;

  1. Cycling makes us feel better and kills arguments. True story: my wife and I got into an argument while cycling to the park. She sped off while I lagged behind (she’s a lot fitter than I am). The long stretch of cycling allowed our tempers to cool, and by the first pit-stop, the argument was over and we were good again. The tranquility of the park certainly helped, and the atmosphere boosted our moods considerably.

  2. Cycling is an adventure: We packed our folding bicycles (foldies are fantastic and versatile little beasts!),  got ourselves into the train to the heart of Singapore and cycled the perimeter of the island. We explored nooks and crannies, found graffiti art and street food in alleys and shophouses we would never found otherwise. We were basically tourists in our own country. That feeling was refreshing, and very much welcomed!

  3. Cycling allows us to stop anytime and marvel at our surroundings: “Darling! Stop! Look at that, won’t you? That is beautiful!” Stopped, took gorgeous photos, made glorious shared memories. Couple-hood leveled up.

  4. Cycling saves us (SO. MUCH.) money: This is a premise that will be inevitably discussed because dates can tend to be so expensive in Singapore. Before my wife and I got hooked on a cycling-infused lifestyle, our weekends tend to be a weekly research study in the latest cafe-hopping trends to partake in, the latest movies to watch or the best sales to decimate our budgets. Now, with cycling, we only fret about the most scenic route to take to unexplored corners of the island.

So, male cyclists; take her out on a nice romantic, scenic ride and be pleasantly surprised at the fireworks that take off between you.Ladies; get your guy on a bike and remember why you decided to take the, sometimes rough, road journey of marriage together.