Should you consider joining a cycling group or continue to cycle alone? If you enjoy the solitude of cycling alone, then you might not be interested in exploring the benefits of cycling in a group. However, even for the introvert or the cyclist who uses riding to escape from social activities, there are still some benefits to a cycling group that you should consider. Just because you join a cycling group doesn’t mean that you can’t still go cycling on your own.

Joining a Cycling Group

When considering joining a cycling group, you should be able to find one that will let you try it out for a ride or two before joining. They will want to know you find their group a good fit before making that commitment. However, when showing up for a ride, you need to prepare as if you were riding on your own. In other words, bring your own supplies for repairs, food, and water. If you’ve never considered joining a cycling group or wonder if you would be a good fit for one, read on.


Obviously, the biggest advantage for joining a cycling group is to meet and ride with other people. Other cyclists are going to be the only people that will be interested in discussing saddle height and reflectors. Your friends at the office are not going to care. Cycling with others can also help you to push past your previous cycling limits. It can be hard to keep going when you get tired or bored. A group will help hold you accountable.


By riding in a group, you will be safer in the event of an accident or medical emergency. If something would happen to you when you were riding by yourself, there would not be anyone to call for assistance. In a group, there will always be someone else there to keep an eye on you. In addition, if you would happen to break down, there would be people there to help you with the repairs or have parts that you might not have with you.

New Routes

When going cycling solo, you can get in a rut. Every Sunday, you go down the same route away from your home and circle back. Riding with a cycling group can get your out of your boring routine. The leaders of the group will have the rides planned out in advance and should have considered the condition and safety of the roads prior to the ride. As a result, you can discover new areas that you would have never road on by yourself.


If you are interested in building up your speed while cycling, a lot of cycling groups have training sessions. These training sessions can assist you with becoming a more skilled cyclist. In addition, you can garner a lot of advice on posture, weight training, foods for cycling, and any other topic that you would like to discuss with your newfound group.


The last of the reasons joining a cycling group is that a lot of bike shops will give discounts to their local cycling groups to get the business of the group. By joining with the group, you will be eligible for some great deals.

In Conclusion

While you may enjoy riding solo, there are several reasons for joining a cycling group. Before deciding to join, try one out for a couple of rides and see what you think.