Do you suffer from degenerative disk disease? If you do, it does you no good to sit inactive all day. The worst thing you can do for your back is to stay inactive. However, some forms of aerobic exercise might not be the best choice for you. Running and jogging will be hard on your lower back and should be avoided.
While you might not be able to get on a mountain bike anymore or head into rocky terrain, you don’t have to give up on your love of cycling. There are still opportunities available for you to get exercise. What can you do instead?

Stationary Cycling

A stationary bicycle is a good choice for a person with degenerative disc disease as it won’t hurt your back. These bikes are no-impact on your joints and spine while riding. If you love cycling but are no longer able to get out and do the same things that you used to do, you can head to the gym and get on a stationary bicycle. It might not be the same, but it can provide you an opportunity to do something that you love. If it gets too boring staring at the wall, you can get an app that shows real terrain of bicycle routes to watch. These apps can help make your ride entertaining.

Upright versus Recumbent Bicycle

With a stationary bicycle, there are two choices of bicycles. You can ride one that is upright. An upright stationary bicycle is the same as a regular bicycle in that you sit upright and lean over the handlebars. A recumbent bicycle positions the rider in a reclining position. You can lean back with your head resting on a headrest. This type of stationary bicycle might be the best choice for someone with degenerative disk disease.

Leisurely Ride

If your back is strong enough to handle some outside riding, then you should try a more leisurely ride. Skip the intense workout of bumps, hills, and rocky terrain. However, you can still experience the joy of cycling outdoors. If your back can tolerate a ride on a cycling trail or on a flat surface, then add those to your cycling training as well. The key is to only do what your back can tolerate.

In Conclusion

If you love cycling, don’t give up your passion just because you have degenerative disk disease. There are still opportunities available to get out and ride.