Do you need natural supplements to reduce the risk of dementia? As people age, the fear of developing dementia increases. You encounter more people who’ve had or dealt with an older family member’s experience with dementia and worry that it could also happen to you. In general, dementia begins slowly to where you barely know that it is occurring or notice it in a loved one. However, in the end, you or your loved one, could be faced with not knowing who people are or not knowing how to complete simple everyday tasks.

While dementia and Alzheimer’s are two different diseases of the brain, they both have devastating effects on a person. Few people with advanced stages of either disease can be left to care for themselves. As a result, they are placed in a home for people with similar diseases. Or, must reside in the home of a loved one which causes an additional burden on the family.

Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

To prevent the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are strategies that you can take. It might even be possible to help a loved one that is already showing the initial signs of deterioration. What are the signs and symptoms? Some of the signs that you or a loved one is beginning to decline include repeating questions and forgetting things. Other signs are leaving things on, being disorientated, and not being able to complete daily tasks. In addition, poor judgment, mood changes, personality changes, and difficulties with handling money can be seen. These signs can be devastating to see happen.

Natural Supplements to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

There are different foods, minerals, and vitamins that you can increase or eliminate in your diet to help reduce your risk of dementia. Let’s review some of the best options available to you.

Coconut Oil

Number one of the natural supplements to reduce the risk of dementia is coconut oil. Coconut oil contains a substance called ketones. In essence, these ketones are a powerful substance for brain health. The healthy fats included in coconut oil help to rebuild the lining of the nerves in the brain. These nerves are what helps process information. According to research, many people who suffer from dementia can see benefits from 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. You can take it up to 3 times per day. Thankfully, you can’t overdose on coconut oil. However, it does have a laxative effect on some people, so you may want to gradually work up to a higher does. you may also want to take coconut oil with foods to avoid as much of the laxative effect as possible.

Cinnamon Extract

The next of the natural supplements to reduce the risk of dementia is cinnamon extract. Cinnamon has been shown to help prevent the disintegration and dysfunction of the protein tau. The protein tau is vital to the function of the brain. To find the best curative values from cinnamon, you need the cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Finding cinnamon from Sri Lanka is not as hard as it sounds. You can find and purchase online. To take use cinnamon effectively, take a teaspoon of cinnamon 3 times per day with or without meals. In addition, add cinnamon to as many of your meals as possible.


Vitamins are another good source for fighting dementia. The most valuable vitamins for fighting dementia include the B complex vitamins and vitamins D and E. To be specific, the best B vitamins to include in your diet are B6, B12, and folic acid can help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. A vitamin D deficiency has been linked to poor recall and memory issues. In addition, vitamin D has been shown to decrease inflammation and boost your immunity. With regard to vitamin E and its properties, it has been linked with improved memory recall. In essence, adding all of these vitamins to your daily intake can lower your risk of developing dementia.

Omega 3

The last of the natural supplements for fighting dementia is Omega 3. The fat in the Omega 3 is extremely healthy for your brain and nervous system. With Omega 3, you can help prevent cell damage in the brain and keep your nervous system working properly. Krill oil has been identified as the best source of Omega 3 of all the fish oils. In addition, it contains a substance called Astaxanthin which has been identified through research as a “brain food”.

In Conclusion

As you age, you may have more concerns about your brain health. To help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, you should adjust and make increases to above dementia fighting substances and vitamins. In conclusion, there are no guarantees with dementia. However, these dementia fighters have all been linked to overall brain health.