A diabetes diagnosis can bring fear and anxiety. Many think of people who are limited in their daily lives, those with constant infections, and those who end up with a short lifespan. While this does happen to those who do not take care of themselves, those with Type 2 Diabetes typically live normal lives. The best thing to do is take your medication, and live by simple rules to ensure you live a long and healthy life.

Lose the unsaturated fats

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Unsaturated fats are unhealthy – regardless of who you are. For those with Type 2 Diabetes, anything than can inhibit great health is extraordinarily bad, so it is best to kick these out of your diet. Your body is not designed to process unsaturated fats, leaving them to clog up your arteries. If you must have fat in a food, make sure it is saturated.

Kick Trans Fat

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Trans fats are not properly digested and processed, either. Most processed food contains trans fats, but thankfully many are now labeling their foods as “No Trans Fat” on the label for easy deciphering.

Go Easy on the Salt


Salt is just as bad for you as sugar is. Too much salt can raise blood pressure, as well as leave you retaining water. Salt-free seasonings are mainstream, and are affordable for those who need a lot of seasoning on their food.

Watch Your Liquor

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Any type of alcohol – be it beer, vodka, or wine – can raise your blood sugar levels. While a drink every now and then isn’t terrible, binging on beer is, and can leave you in trouble if you have blood sugar issues.

Get Moving!


While you do not have to become a gym rat, movement of any kind can help those with diabetes. Start by walking in your neighborhood, or using “Walk At Home” DVD’s that are designed to give you 1, 3, or 5 mile walks in the privacy of your own home.

Watch Your Carbs


We all love carbs. From pasta and bread to sweet treats, carbs are tasty – but terrible for us. Even if your insulin levels have evened out, you still need to count your carb intake, as carbs process like sugar through the body.

See Your Doctor

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No one likes to go to the doctor, but for those with Type 2 Diabetes, doctors visits are necessary. While you may “feel” fine, and want to avoid the doctor, your regular check ups are a necessity to make sure that your body is up to optimal shape.