On actors and actresses depicted in movies and on sitcoms, as illustrated cartoon characters, and on the portrait canvases of historical fine arts pieces, gray hair is practically a universal symbol of being aged. Similarly, starting to grow gray hair is usually a sign of “getting old.” However, what if you’ve barely reached the threshold of the mid-thirties and have graying hair? For some men who find white follicles in their beard or mustache, it is a sign of maturity and a charmingly distinguishable feature. However, for other men in their prime or women with concerns over an aging appearance, it can be disheartening and depressing — premature though it may be in many cases, it is still a reminder of the approaching climb “over the hill” that awaits them.


Melanin gets a lot of attention in the area of skin tone, but the compound is also responsible for the color of the hair and eyes, as well. White or gray hair in a beard or on the scalp is indicative of melanin breaking down.  

Top Reasons for Melanin Reduction and Premature Graying

  • Improper diet or malnutrition
  • Heredity
  • Iodine, iron, and copper deficiency
  • Anemia
  • Smoking or other uses of tobacco
  • Mental exhaustion or excessive worrying
  • Immoderate alcohol consumption
  • Emotional difficulty


Ways to Take Care and Prevent Premature Graying

A quick fix for undesired early whitening of facial or head hair is to purchase a hair coloring kit from the pharmacy. All it takes is an application, rinse and dry, and the problem is solved – men and women can color away years from their appearance. However, the average person’s scalp grows one-eighth of an inch of hair each week. The cost of concealing unwanted gray can add up in funds and in time for maintenance, when compared to natural measures aimed at treating melanin-missing hair strands in your mane.


Here are some safe, effective, and natural ways to eliminate gray hairs and increase melanin count:


Buttermilk – Another method for treating a beard is to microwave a mixture of curry leaves juice and buttermilk (about a tablespoon of each) for 30 seconds, cool until comfortable to touch, and apply. Leave in for 20 minutes and then rinse. You can do this every day.


Potato Peel – To darken a whitening beard, boil potato peels and strain the white solution. Apply with a cotton ball and allow to sit for 10 minutes before wiping clean with a wet towel. A little note regarding this trick is that the natural dye which comes from the starch of the potato is only temporary and you should expect it to fade.


Curry leaves – Dry a handful of curry leaves in the sun and when nicely baked, grind the crispy brown leaves into a powder. You can sprinkle the fine crumbs, in light amounts, on food, and in drinks. People have reported prominent results in just a couple of months thanks to the natural hair pigment restorative properties of the zinc and Vitamin B complex found in the leaves.


Cow Butter – Not only will a teaspoon of cow butter darken gray, but it will also soften the hairs.

Zinc – Try to eat more nuts, lamb, mushrooms, beef, pumpkin seeds, beans, spinach, or oysters to get more zinc-rich food into your diet. The foods mentioned are excellent sources of the mineral, which can reverse the premature graying process.