Fisher-Price has revealed a smart-bike, designed to both tire out your three-year-old and help with their spelling. Plus, it looks like a turbo trainer.

The Think and Learn Smart Cycle is a toy bike that lets kids play educational games while pedalling. It comes with a tablet holder, or alternatively can be paired via Bluetooth a TV.

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The educational games are stored on a companion app, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.

The first game, Mission to Tech City, involves kids picking up the Alphabet in the correct order.

Supposedly, the idea behind it is that each new letter teaches the child a new word. At the end of each game, the children can review their collection.

It’s not just spelling either. There are additional games, which teach different subjects. Thanks to a partnership between Fisher-Price and the children’s TV channel Nickelodeon, kids can learn anything from maths, science or even social studies. And people said learning wasn’t fun!