As a dedicated cyclist, your bicycle is your prized possession. You don’t want it to get stolen when you must leave it and run into a store or head to work for the day. It would be horrible to lose it and go without something that provides you with transportation, exercise, and enjoyment. Unfortunately, you might never get it back. You need to take precautions to prevent bicycle theft as possible to prevent a theft.


There is a serial number located on your bicycle. On most bicycles, your serial number can generally be found on the underside of the frame where the pedals connect. You need to find it, write it down, and take photographs of your bicycle. In addition, some communities will have a registration system where you can register your bicycle for an added degree of safety. If your community does not have this option, then there are websites online where you can register your bicycle. On the chance that your bicycle is stolen and recovered by the police, they will look online to try and identify the owner.

Lock Choices

A flexible cable lock is lightweight and easy to use. However, a thief can easily cut the cable in half and remove it to take your bicycle. On the opposite end would be a heavy chain and with a strong locking mechanism might be a better choice. The problem with this choice is that the chain is heavy and cumbersome to carry around when traveling. One of the better choices is a U-lock. A U-lock is both easy to transport and lightweight. However, there are some downfalls with a U-lock. Due to its shape and being inflexible, you will have limitations on where and how to lock up your bicycle. Possibly a better choice is to use a folding lock which has more flexibility than a U-lock, but is more secure than a cable.

Stop Cycle Theft
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Choose a Location Carefully

When you are leaving your bicycle to go to a store, work, etc., you must consider where you are going to leave your bicycle. While choosing a location that is isolated might sound like a good bet, it might not be the best idea. Yes, there will be less chance that someone will come upon your bicycle. However, if it is found, it will be easier to steal with no other bystanders. It is better to choose a well-lighted area that many people will have the opportunity to observe.

Lock Your Tire and Frame to an Immovable Object

If you only lock your tire to an immovable object, it would be ease for a thief to take your tire off and steal the rest of your bicycle. On the other hand, if you lock your frame to the object, but not the tire, someone can steal your tire. When locking your bicycle, lock both tires and the frame to an immovable object. In addition, when locking your bicycle up, be sure to put the lock downwards to keep thieves from being able to put a substance in the keyhole of your lock. It is not unusual for a thief to put glue in the keyhole to keep you from being able to unlock your lock and then steal the bicycle later when no one is around.

GPS Tracking Device

Another good option to prevent bicycle theft is to install a GPS tracking device. That way you can keep track of your bicycle when you are away from it. On the off chance that your bicycle is stolen by a thief, then you can track the whereabouts of your bicycle. With GPS, you can potentially provide the police with evidence to track your bicycle and regain your property.

In Conclusion

Take as many steps as possible to prevent bicycle theft. You must choose a safe location to secure your bicycle. Additionally, you need the right lock to ensure that you aren’t an easy target. Don’t be easy pickings.