Can you cycle in the fog? of course, you can cycle in the fog. however, it can be quite dangerous to do so. Unfortunately, many locations have foggy conditions in the early morning hampering commuting or cycle training. During episodes of heavy fog, you should avoid cycling. It is hard for drivers of vehicles to see while driving in fog, and being on a bicycle doesn’t make it any easier. With vehicles not being able to see you and you not being able to see far into the distance, it can make for a bad combination. It is best to wait until later in the day to cycle after the fog has burned off.

However, if you don’t have the option of waiting until later to ride, there are other options available to cycle safely in foggy conditions.

Cyclist in foggy early morning 

Choose Your Route Wisely

The most important thing that you can do to keep safe while riding a bicycle in foggy conditions is to choose your route wisely. Chose a route that is not heavily traveled. The less populated the better. If you are training, then head to a bike trail and stay off the roads. However, if you are cycling to commute or the bike paths are too far away, then be extra careful on the ride. You will be able to hear traffic coming up behind you and you need to get over as far as possible. They won’t be able to see you until the last second and may panic. Stay to the side and give plenty of room.

Be Visible

Be as visible as possible when riding in foggy conditions. You should wear things that enhance your visibility to alert other drivers of your presence. some ideas to be more visible include reflectors on your feet and ankles. The motion of your feet moving as you pedal will get more attention than a reflector on your back. Another option for increased safety in the fog is blinking lights on the front and back of your bicycle. A red flashing light for the back and a white flashing headlight for the front should be your choices. In addition, you should wear a bright colored jersey such as red or yellow versus a dark gray or black which would make you blend into the fog.

Cooler Temperatures

When there is fog, the temperatures are usually cooler. Not to mention, the air will be damp. be prepared to feel cooler and dress accordingly. The weather might call for layers and a water-resistant jacket. A good option might be to wear arm and leg warmers to help keep you warm.


If you wear glasses, this is a good day to put in your contacts. Cycling in the damp fog while wearing glasses is miserable. However, if you must wear glasses to see, wear a cover with a bill over your cycling helmet to protect your classes from moisture and foggy conditions.

In Conclusion

It is better not to cycle in the fog due to safety reasons. You should wait until the fog burns off. However, if you must cycle in the fog, follow the above safety recommendations when you cycle.