Are you starting to drink more coffee than usual? Are you relying on Red Bull drinks or 5-Hour Energy shots to get through the day? If you seem extremely tired, you may be suffering from fatigue. It is a chronic state of tiredness that could affect you physically and mentally. Different things could contribute to feelings of fatigue — stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and workplace problems are among the typical causes.

How the Body Makes Energy

Glucose is the body’s natural energy source. Food is what gives you energy when your meal is broken down by the digestive system and absorbed through the stomach and small intestines. Glucose comes from the carbohydrates you consume primarily. It can also occur from protein’s amino acids and the fatty acids from fats. The bloodstream delivers glucose to each cell of the body, and the insulin hormones produced by the pancreas controls your blood sugar levels.

6 Ways to Increase Energy

To get more energy, you can adjust your diet or make some lifestyle changes — which includes sleeping habits. Below will reveal a few tweaks you can make in your life to boost your energy.

Be more physically active

Living sedentary leads to fatigue. Staying active promotes a healthy mind and body. It helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduces blood pressure, and it dramatically improves energy levels.

Do not smoke

Glucose requires oxygen to make energy. However, carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke limits available oxygen.

Cut down on caffeine

If you have too much caffeine, it could cause insomnia. If you have eight hours sleep a day, it significantly improves energy levels.

Incorporate relaxation techniques

Find exercises that will allow you to relax. It could be mindfulness, meditation, focused breathing, or the repetition of a mantra, just to name a few.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water. When the body is dehydrated, it does not function as efficiently as it should.

Develop healthy eating habits

Try not to skip breakfast. The body gets a metabolic jolt when you eat food — giving it energy to burn. So breakfast in the morning will give you fuel for your brain and body for the day. Also, try not to skip any meals. You do not want your blood sugar levels to drop by going too long without food. Eating regularly throughout the day helps you control your energy levels.