Why is gut health important? Your gut is like you’re your second brain. Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time and attention in taking care of our gut health. Everything that we eat and drink goes throughout digestive tract. Think about how often we must encounter bacteria and viruses during a day. Every time we leave the house we touch hundreds if not thousands of things. It is amazing that we don’t get sick more often. The only things between us and constant illness, diarrhea, or constipation is our digestive tract and immune system.

What is the Digestive Tract

What is the digestive tract? The digestive tract, GI tract,  goes from the mouth to the anus and carries all the nutrients through our bodies. However, the digestive tract is more than a simple tube that carries food throughout the body. Viscous mucous covers the interior of the digestive tract. Bacteria covers the viscous mucous. There are millions of bacteria living in your digestive tract. These bacteria are responsible for assisting in the digestion of food. Without the good bacteria, you would not be able to properly break down and absorb nutrients.

Proper Gut Health

Your bacteria is considered “balanced” when you are healthy and feeling well. What do balanced bacteria mean? It means that the good bacteria outnumber the bad bacteria. As a result, your immune system can properly ward off invading bacteria and viruses. your immune system is stimulated by your intestinal tract. As important as your breaking down and absorbing nutrients is for your digestive tract, its importance in the involvement of the immune system is just as important.


Considering how valuable your digestive tract is to your overall health and wellbeing, what can you do to ensure your good bacteria stay in greater numbers than your bad bacteria? Probiotics are one way that you can increase your good bacteria numbers. What are probiotics? Probiotics include live micro-organisms, mostly bacteria when ingested help by increasing the number off good bacteria in your digestive tract. This additional bacterium can help you stay healthy and fight of bacteria and viruses. Where can you get more probiotics to increase your good bacteria? Some of the foods that include probiotics are probiotic yogurt, kefir, fermented vegetables, some types of cheeses, and acidophilus milk.


When you are feeling well, you should include probiotics in your diet. However, if you are beginning to feel ill, it is even more important to increase your probiotic intake.


Your overall health is dependent on your digestive health. It is important to keep the level of good bacteria in your GI tract at an optimal level to fight off illness, viruses, and bacteria. Get your daily dose of probiotics.