What are the home remedy uses for basil? Basil is not just for your Italian dishes. There are many curative benefits of basil as well. Before we delve into the benefits of basil, what is basil? Basil is an herb that is thought to be native to India. It is also called the “king of herbs” or Saint Joseph’s Wort. Basil is used in many Italian and Southeast Asian cuisines. In addition, there are many different variations and flavors of Basil.

Home Remedy Uses for Basil

For many dishes, basil is added as the final flavor needed to top off the taste. However, basil is not only used in food. Basil also has many natural remedy implications as well. What is the top 5 natural remedy uses for basil? Read on.

Stomach Upset

The first of the home remedy uses for basil is to cure an upset stomach. It makes sense that the Italians added basil to all their spicy dishes. By adding basil to the ingredients, they were able to cut down on upset stomachs from their meals. To use basil to calm the stomach, take ½ teaspoon of dried or fresh basil leaf and put it in a glass of water and drink the mixture.

Colds and Coughs

The next home remedy use for basil is to relieve or alleviate coughing from a cold. To use basil for this medical concern, take a few fresh leaves and chew on them. If you don’t have any fresh leaves on hand, add some dried basil in a cup of warm water to help soothe your throat.

Stings and Bites

If you happen to be stung while working in your yard or garden, basil can help with that as well. Basil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. By taking a few basil leaves and chewing them up, you can prepare a substance to place on the stinging area. In essence, the basil leaves will help soothe the painful area and draw out the poison.

Kidney Stones

Do you suffer from kidney stones? Basil can be used to make your kidneys stronger. In addition, it is believed that the juice from the basil leaves when mixed with honey, can help expel the kidney stones through the urinary tract. Drink a mixture of honey, basil, and water to help pass the stones. When used for 6 months, you should eliminate your kidney stone problem.


The last of the home remedy uses for basil is as an antibacterial. Basil can also be used to reduce bacteria. You can use fresh basil leaves to apply to wounds to end infections. In addition, you can use basil to combat colds, flues, and other viruses by incorporating basil into your meals.

In Conclusion

Not only is basil good in spaghetti, it has other uses as well. Try basil as a home remedy for the above ailments the next time you suffer from a medical condition.