Mexican food is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in America. While some cook it at home, the majority of us head out to a Mexican restaurant when we want to nosh on chips, salsa, and fajitas. But, with most Mexican food calories are a big issue. Fatty, fried foods can cause issues for those watching their weight, as well as those who generally want to eat healthy. Below are some of the healthiest choices available at most Mexican restaurants.



Skip the chips, cheese, and salsa, and instead go for a salad if you are wanting an appetizer. With few calories (sans the dressing) and little damage to your diet, and salad is your best option. Beware: Anything more elaborate than a garden salad can be full of fat and calories.

Corn Tortillas


Whether it is a taco or fajitas, ask for a corn shell instead of a flour shell. This will save you calories, as well as fats and refined sugars that are often in flour shells.

Black Beans


Instead of fat and calorie-loaded refried beans, try black beans instead. This can usually be substituted in salads, tacos, and as a side dish.

Plain Ol’ Corn


Mexican Street Corn is yummy, as it is topped with butter, Parmesan Cheese, and spices. But it is also full of fat and calories that you can do without. Instead, opt for plain ol’ corn on the cob if you need a corny, carby kick with your meal.

Don’t Be Decadent with Dessert


While most of us calorie-splurge with dessert, a Mexican restaurant isn’t the place to do it. There are few dessert options typically, and unless ice cream or frozen yogurt are available skip it. Churros are a popular option, but with its fried dough, cinnamon-sugar dust and a honey sauce, it can run over 600 calories per serving.



Skip the alcohol and sugary Mexican sodas and drink water. Not only does it cost you zero calories, but drinking water before a meal can leave you with less of an appetite to nosh of fatty, carb-loaded foods. Ice water in a glass is also free in most restaurants, so you’ll save a little cash, to boot.



Sometimes you just want something ooey, gooey, fatty, and cheesy. And that’s okay – but be sure to take a friend along for the gluttony ride. When a craving for something not-so-good-for-you hits, order it, but share it. Or better yet, ask for half of the dish to be packed away in a go-to tray for you before it hits your table. This limits the amount of food you can splurge on, saving you calories.