Panera offers up good-for-you sandwiches, salads, and soups. But, some of these treats aren’t exactly healthy – regardless of how fresh the ingredients are. There is not doubt that eating at Panera is better than other fast-food places, but you still need to watch what you order. Below are some of the best foods to order at Panera when you are wanting something to fit into your diet or healthy routine.

Power Steak and Lettuce Wrap

Coming in with only 210 calories, this is the best caloric bet for Panera. This is a menu hack: It’s not on the menu, but they know what you are talking about when you ask for it. Seared top sirloin, tomatoes, diced onion, cucumber, and lettuce help make a healthy and protein-packed lunch.

1/2 Spinach Power Salad

Salads are healthy, right? Well, usually. But like most at fast food places, Panera’s salads are not he best calorie-wise. 1/2 of a Spinach Power Salad will set you back 220 calories. It isn’t terrible, but unless you specifically order half the salad, you are liable to nosh on the whole shebang.

1/2 Greek Salad with Shrimp

With 230 calories, this is packed full of protein and healthy Omega 3’s thanks to the shrimp. While this combination seems odd to some, it is worth the calorie price.

1/2 Wild Salmon Caesar Salad

See the theme? If you are in a mind and need something on the go, a 1/2 salad from Panera is a good bet. But this one is full of Vitamin A and Omega 3’s, thanks to the nice portion of salmon.

1/2 Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT on Sourdough Bread

1/2 a sandwich doesn’t sound like much, but the healthy fats and protein in this sandwich can make it worth its 250 calories. Avocado is filling by itself, but combined with turkey bacon and turkey, it makes for a protein-fueled powerhouse of a 1/2 sandwich.

1/2 Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich on XL Tomato Basil Bread

This vegetarian-friendly sandwich is higher in calories, thanks to the bread, but it can be worth the splurge. With 290 calories and only 7 grams of fat, this is a good option for those wanting a meatless lunch or dinner option.

Power Chicken Hummus Bowl

With 330 calories, this brings in more calories than anything else on this list, but the protein content is well worth the splurge. This is also something that is not on the menu, but when asked for the staff should know what you are referring to. Chicken, creamy cilantro-jalapeno hummus, baby spinach, cucumber slices, diced tomatoes, and diced onions help make this a great go-to meal for those on the go in need of a quick and healthy lunch or dinner.