We all eat out from time to time, and some of the most popular restaurants are steakhouses. From chains to local dives, steakhouses offer something for everyone. Families, single diners, and couples on a date flock to steakhouses to eat good food – and most of the time it is in large quantities. Eating healthy at a steakhouse is possible – and you can still get the steak that you love while doing it. Below are some of the best options for staying healthy when eating at a steakhouse.

Find the Filet


Filet steaks are the smallest – but also the best – for those watching their weight. A juicy filet mignon may cost more than bigger sirloin, but the taste and saved calories are well worth the splurge. With an average of 350 calories for a 270 calorie filet mignon, this is a great way to add protein to your dinner.

Strip is Safe


A strip steak is larger than a filet, and while it has more calories is also can fill up a bigger appetite. With an average of 650 calories for a 12-ounce New York Strip, you can fuel up on protein with little damage to your dinner calorie count.

Save with Sirloin

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If you want more bulk than a filet mignon, but not a huge piece of meat like a New York Strip, a sirloin steak if a great option. With around 300 calories for a 7-ounce sirloin and around 400 calories for a 9-ounce sirloin, you can have a good chunk of protein for a smaller cost and smaller calorie intake. Sirloin is offered at most every steakhouse chain and independent steakhouse so you shouldn’t have any issue finding a good cut.

Chicken is Choice


Grilled chicken is a great choice for those wanting a steak-less steakhouse dinner. With less than 200 calories for a 5-ounce chicken breast, this is a great choice.

Sides Galore


Many steakhouse sides are healthy. While loaded mashed potatoes are not, don’t be afraid to partake in some of your other favorites. Steamed asparagus, steamed broccoli, steamed mixed veggies, broiled tomatoes, and steamed spinach are often found in steakhouses, and all come in with 160 calories or less per serving. For those wanting a baked potato or fries, so ahead and splurge – but remember that you still have dessert coming up.

Dessert, Please!


Dessert is something that most of us splurge on – and not just money wise. Calories in dessert can often top 500 calories, and sometimes more depending on what you crave. Ice cream or frozen yogurt with fresh fruit comes in with less than 200 calories, and is usually the best bet for a calorie-saving dessert option. For those wanting to splurge on something bulkier, cheesecakes often run between 600-800 calories per slice. The dairy content provides protein, as well as good gut flora, which helps keep your digestive system healthy. This is a big plus for something with so many calories.