High protein foods are great for those in need of muscle building, as well as those of us wanting to lose weight. Many high protein foods can fuel us through the day, squashing our cravings and helping us fight off excess fat. Not all protein rich foods are on this list, but those that are the highest in filling fiber and fat fighting abilities are listed below.

Greek Yogurt


This food may seem like a fad, but the Greek people had the right idea with this noshable treat. Not only can Greek yogurt satisfy a sweet craving, the high protein value can keep you fuller, and help you fight off cravings for unhealthy foods. You’ll also help your gut, because Greek yogurt is full of probiotcs that help your gut flora keep the good bacteria around, and fight off the bad bacteria.

Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is rich in casein protein, which is a slowly digested protein that helps keep you fuller faster. It also helps supply amino acids to your body, which helps keep it healthy and looking younger. This is why many dieters (and diner diet menus) rely on cottage cheese at meal time.

2% Milk


2% – not Whole – Milk is a great way to fill up on healthy fats, protein, and calcium. The fat contained in 2% milk helps you absorb valuable D vitamins found in milk. Skim milk, which contains zero fat, contains D vitamins, but without the added fat it is hard for your body to process them. So, skim the watery, bland Skim Milk and go for flavorful 2%.

Whey Protein


Typically found in protein shakes, whey protein is a quickly, and cleanly, digestible protein that provides a fullness to your belly. While some are meant to be added into a shake or smoothie, others are flavored to be used on their own with milk, a milk substitute, or water. Whey protein is full of amino acids, so it is great for your overall appearance and for building muscle.



Steak, mainly top or round steak, is a great way to fill up on protein. An average of 23 grams of protein are found per three ounce serving, which is great for those who are looking to burn fat, as well as build muscle. How you prepare the steak also matters, but basic grilled or broiled steak should keep you lower in the calorie range.

Yellowfin Tuna


A good alternative to red meat, Yellowfin Tuna is not only full of protein to keep your tummy full, but fish has healthy fats to keep your body fueled and your skin glowing. Yellowfin Tuna also has a high amount of B vitamins and selenium, both of which help keep you energized.

Navy Beans

Beans are a great source of cheap protein. With an average of 20 grams per five ounce serving, navy beans are among the greatest food protein sources that help keep you full of nutrients, aside from protein. High in fiber, navy beans help keep you regulated. The key issue with many is which type of beans to buy: Canned or dried. With canned beans, make sure that the cans are not BPA lined. These are quicker than preparing dried beans, but dried beans are a lot cheaper if you are trying to be econimical.