So, what can acidophilus aid? Everything from skin to gut to teeth – and maybe even our heartburn issues. A large amount of Americans suffer from heartburn, and while over-the-counter drugs can work, who knows what these strong chemical compounds can do to our bodies. Acidophilus is thought to help eliminate heartburn – so should you try it?

In short, yes. Acidophilus, regardless of if it helps your heartburn or not is great for our overall system. Unfortunately, little research has been done to support the claim that acidophilus (or any other probiotic) helps heartburn or GERD. That being said, the few studies that have been done have not flat-out denied these claims, so those who say that it has helped their heartburn and GERD may be right. One study on infants did find that it could speed up the digestion process, therefore helping eliminate reflux – which is also helpful to adults with GERD and heartburn.

Acidophilus doesn’t have anything to do with your heart, per se (and neither does heartburn), but it does help your gut stay healthy. Acidophilus provides good bacteria for your gut. People have good bacteria living in their digestive tract which help us digest food and even battle off harmful invaders. The vast majority of these “good” bacteria live their entire life-cycle in the digestive tract, feeding off of certain compounds we cannot digest, such as certain types of fiber and sugars. These foods are how some end up with GERD and heartburn – and eliminating these foods after damage is done cannot fix these issues. So, acidophilus to the rescue!

However, like most remedies natural and not, everyone is different. Everyone’s digestive systems and esophagus work differently, so while this may work for one person it may not work for you. Other remedies can help decrease heartburn – in addition to your much-needed acidophilus – so perhaps you try these.

Aloe Vera juice is great for cooling sunburned skin, as well as cooling an inflamed gut and esophagus. Make sure that you are using Aloe Vera juice that has been prepared for ingestion. Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with warm water can also help ease stomach troubles. Mix two tablespoons with 4 ounces of warm water for quick relief. Eating an apple – or even a few apple slices – can help neutralize acid in your stomach. It only takes about five minutes for your stomach to neutralize this acid, so it brings quick relief.