The common impression of cyclists is that they are all fit. While this may be true for some, not all of us are svelte. And if something happens and we need to get into shape fast, we panic. Do we change our routine? Do we add in another exercise? Is cutting sugar enough? You don’t have to totally change your routine to get fitter – you just need to tweak it a little.

Go Hard with Intervals

Studies show that two lots of seven minutes’ training can be as beneficial as much longer sessions at some training variables. If it’s done in a low carbohydrate state and the intervals were 20 seconds full gas, 10 seconds off – and you will reap the benefits in a short time.

Be Steady

If that goal is a sportive then short bursts of interval sessions aren’t going to develop your endurance levels the way a steady 50-minute session at a continuous pace will. Be steady – regardless of how long you ride.

Train With The Most Efficient Intensity

One major drawback with working at even a slightly higher intensity is that you become fatigued more rapidly than a rider training at a slightly lower level. don’t push yourself too hard; instead, work up to a higher level to boost your workout.


Yup, sorry – but dieting can help. Losing weight can, and will, help you tone up. Don’t cut quality carbs, such as vegetables, out of your diet, but do cut out the junk. Focus on healthy fats, quality carbs, and lean protein to get your body into shape. Don’t go crazy trying to bike you way to weight loss – diet whilst riding your regular trek. Riding in the fat-burning zones can help you reduce your body mass and prove more time efficient, while biking into work and having breakfast when you’re there may help reduce fat levels and so boost your hill climbing.

Use Caffeine – If Necessary

Caffeine can help us stay up late, and get back up in the morning. Caffeine supplements can also help cyclists kickstart their workout – and burn fat. Caffeine (without added sugar) is a known fat burner, so keeping this into your cycling routine can give you that extra kick that you need.

Do Nothing

When you have an off day, do nothing. Your body needs to recover. Rushing into a new workout or a new routine on your off day can throw your body off – and even worse, could lead to injury. And no one wants that. However, do stretch on your off days. Yoga is great for calming your mind, soul, and body – and it can help lengthen your frame, which makes us look leaner.