Daylight Savings Time is coming up in a few weeks, and while it can take us a while to adjust to the time change, it can be beneficial to our health. While sleep is great, we who live outdoor in our free time may be scrambling to fit in our routine. Our minds must get creative to figure out scheduling – which can help our minds stay in shape. Our bodies can also stay in shape, thanks not only to our great planning, but also from the comfortable weather. Below are a few ways that daylight savings time can benefit your health.

Learn Organization

Having to plan out your outdoor activities teaches you to become more organized, which leads to better health. Or, at least the appearance of being a neat and together person. Carving out those daylight hours and writing them in indelible ink on your schedule increases the chances of sneaking in that lunchtime workout, versus just thinking about doing it once you find the time.

Use Your Lunch Break Wisely

Swap time in the cafeteria at work for a fast workout during lunch. It won’t be much of an endurance session, but at least you’ll be outside, and you’ll likely have a more productive afternoon after your physical jump start! Pack a lunch to eat at your desk afterwards.

Change It Up

Not only is changing your workout good for the time change, but it can help you get into better shape. Keep an arsenal of easy indoor workouts for the days that you simply can’t make it out during the day. Having a few activities that you can switch to in the dark makes it easier to get a workout in.

Bring It With You

If you cycle, bring it to work with you – or at least bring your kit to speed up the process of getting on your bike after work.

Be An Early Bird

When the sun sets early, be an early bird. Yes, it is hard to get up earlier than usual for most of us, but it can be a great way to guarantee that you get your workout in.

Pre-Make Meals

Whether you are working out in the morning or not, making breakfast or lunch the night before is beneficial. Having ready-to-go meals, like pre-soaked oats or a smoothie that just needs a quick blending is a great idea for all of us. For dinners, you can make a big batch of stew or soup and freeze single servings.

Enlist Help

If you’re not an early riser, have a training partner if possible. The accountability of having to meet someone is a powerful motivator on those tough morning sessions.