Did you know that hot water can help ease your migraine pain? It can! All you have to do is submerse your hands and feet in hot (but tolerable) water for a few minutes, and boom – relief. This is just one home remedy that can relieve your migraine pain. The best thing about the following remedies (as well as the hot water remedy) is that you probably will not have to run to the store to buy anything.

Hot & Cold Showers

This may sound odd, but for many it works: Simply take a hot shower, wait a few minutes, and turn off the hot water. The alternating hot and cold water can help release tension in the head, causing pain relief.

Coca Cola & Advil

Now this gets really mixed reviews, but for those who find caffeine a headache helper, this is your fix. A glass of ice-cold Coca Cola (for some reason Pepsi doesn’t seem to work as well) and two Advil can help kick a migraine fast. The caffeinated fizziness is also good for nausea.

Ice-Cold Water

Another simple remedy concerns ice-cold water. Drink the water – making sure that it runs over your teeth – slowly. You can also use ice-cold water in a Water-Pic to accomplish the same thing. This helps alleviate vision issues and headaches.

Drink Hot Liquids

Anything hot helps – really. Hot tea (peppermint is amazing!), hot decaffeinated coffee, or even hot lemon water can help reduce migraine headaches. The warm drinks or liquids can help reduce inflammation in your blood vessels, bringing relief.

Drop Your Neck

Twisting your neck can bring relief for some. Dropping your head to one side, leaving it for twenty seconds, and repeating on the other side can bring relief to many who suffer from tension migraines.

Ice Your Neck

This one looks weird – and sounds weird – but it works. Placing an ice pack over the front of your neck can help reduce migraine pain. This is because the carotid artery is right in the front, and easing its tension with ice can bring relief. Leave the ice pack on for 15-20 minutes for relief.

Drink More Water

Sometimes a migraine can be caused from dehydration. This is when water comes in handy. Even if your migraine is not caused by dehydration, drinking at least 8 ounces of water every waking hour is beneficial to your health. It can also help keep your stomach from rattling around from nausea, which helps combat that issue.

Brush Your Teeth

Much like rushing ice-cold water over your teeth for relief, brushing your teeth can do the same thing. Plus, you actually need to do this, so why not?